Portal Issues .. down 9 days now

Last week I started having these issues. First it started with not being able to upload background & overlays. Now I can’t acess the art catalog at all. I can’t write in the the portal at all. Even when I try everything is faded out and says I have no backgrounds or overlays. :expressionless:. I’m wondering if anyone else has had these issues and if so what fixed it? I have did everything support suggested but have been waiting 3 days for a response since those troubleshooting options haven’t worked on any devices. And of course this happens when I finally don’t have writers block. :woman_facepalming:t5::weary:

I’ve had similar issues in the past. I found using a chrome browser fixed it for me. If you’re not already using chrome, maybe try that x

Yeah I’m using chrome and still the same thing is happening sadly.

Then I would “guess” it’s the memory on your laptop/PC. I was recommended an application when I had these kinds of issues another time (the portal is extremely buggy for me, only been able to even use the previewer over the last two weeks). When I switched to chrome, the previewer still didn’t work, just every thing else. The application is called CC cleaner and it’s free to download. It cleans your memory and residual files etc and greatly improved the speed of my laptop. There’s a possibility for you x

Thanks for the help. I will definitely try that hopefully that works and if not support gets back to me.

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