Portal Preview Screen Freezes

So this has been happening for three days now. Basically the preview screen on the portal when you want to preview the scrip you have so far of a chapter freezes. You can press any of the option because they don’t work. The only way it unfreezes is when you re-load the browsing page, at first I thought it was not a big deal, but now having to constantly be re-loading the browsing page is just annoying. :unamused: I can’t even work in my story because I have to be constantly re-loading the page.

Is someone else also experiencing this? :pensive:Does anyone know how to fix this? :sob: :pleading_face:

It’s been happening to quite a few people. My computer doesn’t like the preview anyway so I have to use my phone which is a pain but needs must :sweat_smile:

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Ik, I will have to do the same for the time being. :scream:

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