Portal previewer glitch?!

Is anyone having trouble with the online previewer? My characters aren’t showing up, it won’t pan to another zone, overlays won’t change opacity, and characters are appearing in wrong layers. Trust me, I’ve checked over my script so many times!!

I sent a support ticket to episode and I tried everything they suggested.

  • Try clearing your web browsers cache, history and browsing data. You can learn more at this link
  • Turn off or disable your browser extensions.
  • Try using a different web browser. The Writer Portal works best on Google Chrome.
  • Try to sign out completely, fully close your browser, reopen it, and sign back in.
  • Try using a different laptop or desktop computer.

None of this worked!! :sob: Does anybody have any other ideas??

Try sending a support ticket to the episode team :smile: Send Support ticket here

I already did, that’s where I got all the suggestions.

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Try pming Tyler since he knows all about this stuff

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Omg okay I was looking at my overlays because when I tried to preview them I could see them without changing the opacity :triumph: I thought that was my own error but I did this before and I didn’t need to change the opacity to see it before

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The only bug I get when I use the online previewer is the fact that characters that are supposed to be in the background somehow stand on characters that are meant to participate in the action, and I’ve eliminated characters from the background cause I was scared it’d be visible on the app. I tried it on the app as well and I realized the background characters don’t phase through the others, and I realized I made a guy look crazy because I deleted his friend and he was talking to himself.