Portal Publishing Error

Hi there!

I know that episode released some updates to the mobile creator today and I am wondering if anyone else is having an issue with their computer portal.

When I go to click publish, this error pops up and prevents me from publishing. It says that I cannot publish due to an unapproved background. However, I have not even inputted that background into any of my episodes - the ones I am trying to publish OR the unpublished ones. My portal displays NO errors next to the episodes, but is still not allowing me to publish. I am trying to republish episodes I have published previously to correct a coding mistake that I found.

I have attached a picture of the error I am seeing.

Also, yes, I have already submitted a support ticket to episode. Just wanted to see if anyone is encountering the same problem as I am.

that is weird. try to re load. and are you sure you havent used it.

I’ve tried logging out and logging back in, clearing my cache, restarting my computer, still get the same error every time. The background is 100% not used in any of my episodes. There are no error alerts next to the episodes in the portal itself.

Okay that is so weird

I know, I’m so frustrated :sob:

Whenever i save, the page would close or it would say Oh Snap error loading page. I already restarted my laptop, clear everything, up as well as erase everything on my history browser. I’m using google chrome.