Portal script player


the player in the script page is doing everything but when i click to go to next speechbubble )conversation it is freezing and the player has changed is it something to do with the memory button i accidently clicked it and since then it is stuck

And under the word preview it just keeps saying loading story


I’m having the same issue!

The only time I can “forward” the speechbubbles or conversations is clicking the fast-forward key…which I don’t want, because I want to know how the final product of my coding looks at normal pace.

I cleared cache too so it’s not a browser issue, and I’m using Chrome :confused:

We definately have the same problem

I’m having the same problem! Just googled it to see if others were experiencing the same issue and I found your thread. ahhh! I hope this gets fixed soon!

Same problem here it won’t go to the next speech bubble and if I click any other button it freezes.

I have put a ticket in to report it to episodes have not heard back yet.

Has any-ones script player changed with the pitch perfect people on it

I thought I was the only one. It was working and even allowed me to edit, then it stopped working a few minutes ago. Also noticed a new thing on there called memory. Was that there before in the previewer? And now it shows the Episode story intro page before the first scene of my story. Was that there before?

Me too

send tickets guys HERE

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Yup. Been happening to a LOT of people.
I wish they would just leave the previewer alone sometimes.
If it ain’t broke… don’t fix it.


I agree it just stuffs it up

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try now mine seems to be working

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Mine is working too!

Mine worked after posting about it yesterday, an hour later lmao