Portal trouble (Creating Character for entry)

I was working on my OV entry but creating a character isn’t working is that happening to anyone else.

In what sense is it not working?

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Everytime I click create a character it doesn’t even open at all.

That’s really odd…

Taking advice from someone else; Have you tried a different browser? My stories weren’t loading, but it was fine when I used a different one.

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Still didn’t work. I did it on a browser I don’t even use just now.

Can you screenshot to show us what it’s doing?! We may be able to assist you better if we had an idea of what is happening [or isn’t happening] on your screen.

it wont let me click use episode limelight.

Ok I figured it out it glitched the whole story the create character works on others which is weird.

That appears very weirdly on your screen, I don’t understand why it’s taking up the entire screen?!

I’m not entirely sure what the issue is but you could try these two things:

  1. Try making your screen size less than 100%, just to see if it lets you click the button.

  2. Try using Google Chrome, I rarely [if ever] have any trouble with Google Chrome.

Hopefully one of those works. :crossed_fingers:t3:

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Oh… that is strange! :flushed:

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Wait, let me try it out. :scream:

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It wasn’t glitching for me, so I guess it worked when starting a new story.

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Now it’s every time I make a new story idk.

I am just having an issue where the characters should be showing up on the preview but yet, every time the characters are not showing up when I do @FEMALEAVATAR stands screen center and its just confusing to me. It also won’t show up when dialog when it speaks. The text bubble shows but the characters are just blank. I tried using both formats cinematic and spotlight but they both haven’t worked for me. Please help

I’ll try to help you out later but it would be easier if I see the whole code also what episode says the problem is.