Portal VS Phone issue

Hi there!

I am having issues with previewing on my phone. When I go to check what I did on the portal, it looks like I want it to, then when I go to preview on my phone it’s messed up.

I am so stressed because this is for my contest and I’m not the only one who is also experiencing this issue.
What should I do? Should I report it?

I think it’s a glitch. But Writer’s portal is mostly made for computers

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So what should I do? Just direct on the mobile creator??

I would try reloading the writers’ portal and the episode app… but if that doesn’t work you should probably report it as a bug

Ok will do! Thanks! :+1:t2:

it often happen if you do not use right @ and & or not put characters and overlays on layers - this mistakes are not often seen in portal but are visible in app (therefore it is good to always test the final thing in the app before publishing)

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Oh ok. That makes sense. I will have to double check my @ and & - Thank you for pointing that out! :relaxed:

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