Portal wont take overlay

Does anyone know why my overlay isn’t working. I’ve written it correctly idk why the portal is showing a warning

Can you send a screenshot?

i cant but i can send the script

Can you send a screenshot of the error, not the whole script.

You can copy and paste the part where you’re getting the error at here :smile_cat:


&overlay 6329415746977792_IM SORRY CARD SALMON shifts to 56 270 in zone 3
&overlay 6329415746977792_IM SORRY CARD SALMON scales to 0.514 0.514 in zone 3
&overlay 6329415746977792_SCOT AND AMY PIC FRAME shifts to 9 353 in zone 3
&overlay 6329415746977792_SCOT AND AMY PIC FRAME scales to 0.190 0.190 in zone 3
&overlay SCOT AND AMY PIC FRAME moves to layer 1
&overlay IM SORRY CARD SALMON moves to layer 2

It shows as a warning

The problem is your overlay has the word AND in it. The Portal is mistaking this for a command in the script so what you’ll need to do is re-upload this overlay and name it without the word AND.

Same goes for characters, you can have AND in the display name but not in the script name, when you’re naming them

Hope this helps ^^

OMG it did.
Thank you so much for your help!

No problem :smile: :sparkles:

Good luck

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