Portal zooms not being the same whenever i preview on my phone

I haven’t published my story yet, it’s still in works. I am advanced at coding, zooms and speechbubbles look fine on the actual portal.
Whenever I preview it on my phone, it’s super zoomed in, speechbubbles are ALL over the place, examples: On the characters face, very bottom or very large.
But whenever I look at the portal, it’s fine?

I sent a ticket to episode, because this is so frustrating, I also refuse to publish a story with awful zooms/ speechbubbles.

Has anyone had issues with this too?

Could it be because you changed the zoom fit on your mobile app?
Here’s how it looks without changing it

After changing it

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You said you used advanced coding/directing, right?

That could be the issue. Advanced coding tends to cause speechbubbles to be ALL over the place when previewing on your phone. You’re just going to need to manually place speechbubbles for each character’s dialogue in the writer portal.

As for the zooms, I don’t know. Maybe you didn’t reset your zooms from previous scenes/episodes. Therefore, those zoom commands carried over to the next scene and episode. That’s why some people always place a zoom reset command after each episode (or beginning of episode).


I think this may be the actual issue!
I’m going to redo the whole scene, maybe it will correct it self if I used less? then reset the zooms

I’m having the same issues and I’ve heard the same from others. Maybe it’s just a bug?

The scene works great on my computer but messes up on my phone ):

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