Portal's spell check!

I hate seeing if I have spelling mistakes in my dialogue but they seem a little unnecessary, like for instance I am Australian and we write realise with a s not a z, we ‘our’ not ‘or’ at the end of neighbour and behaviour. Also writing words that are descriptive words like someone saying ew, now yes I can change it to that’s gross but when you have a school girl who will look at something and think it’s gross, she is going to say words like ew and omg. These words are in all dictionaries so they should be included. Only think I accept is that because I am Australian I accidentally use Aussie slang which is then picked up as a spelling mistake, and that is fine I can change the reference. Anyway if someone has a word to replace ew, let me know. Btw as I right this I have seen 7 red lines.


I honestly ignore the spell check. Half my coding gets picked up as a spelling error :rofl:



Sometimes they tell me to spell check words that I know are absolutely correct.

Nothing’s ever an exact science lmao.



Well, I am not Australian, but I was taught British English. So I kind of relate to you? Although currently I use a combination of both British and American English. I am a mess.

Anyway, I agree. I have over 250 “spelling errors” in one chapter because of this :joy: