Portal's Webb Previewer not turning out the same on the app?




I’ve been writing for a solid good time now and recently when reading an unpublished story that I’m working on, some directing turns… bananas?

Everything looks perfect in the portal webb previewer, but when reading it on the app, some characters starts to moonwalk out of the scenes when supposed to walk_rear?

There are more errors that I can not seem to fix, since there’s nothing wrong about it in the portal, so I don’t know what to do to fix this. Anybody else experienced the same problem or know how to fix it?


I find it’s better to check things on the app, sometimes the previewer will glitch and it isn’t always accurate. For the moonwalking are you using the & and @ symbol close together? Sometimes if I use them without putting some kind of pausing in between the timing of certain animations or talking can be off. Sometimes restarting the story progress on the app can help too, it does glitch out sometimes too.