Portia got pregnant

Heeey! I started reading this story, but I made a mistake and I wanted to replay it, but the replay button isn’t there. Do you know why?


first u have to tap the triangle and than the 3 dots will appear

Yeah, but when I tap on them it only shows me the cancel button :thinking:

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It must be a beta story as they have not announced it and I don’t have it on my app. That’s probably why you can’t replay it.


Do you have an android device? Because that might be the reason



Yeah… That’s probably the reason. Thank youuu!

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its a beta story so you can’t replay it :((

I remember seeing this beta story a while ago and was like, “oh boy, more pregnancy? And in high school too? Great. :unamused:” This is my same reaction now.



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Yeah :joy: The 10 endings sounded tempting tho :joy:

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I heard that in this story, at one point, the character compares her hair to the devastation of Chernobyl. And includes pictures of the disastrous effects of the catastrophe, including real life pictures of deformed children.
Not sure if you saw that. Sounds pretty disturbing.

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:flushed::flushed: Wth?!?! Fr?

If you have an android, you can’t replay a story

I didn’t read it myself, so I can’t attest to authenticity or context, but someone posted this screenshot.

the photo of Chernobyl consequences aren’t in the story, someone added them to underline the bad jock the Mc was making

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Ah ok. Like I said, I didn’t read it myself. It’s a sick joke then?

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Yes basically in the first chapter all the MC does is bashing and bullying every human being she cross on her way lmao, I’ve never unconquered before such a despicable character before

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Oh, so you can add Chernobyl jokes and bullying in a story, but if you add sexual interactions and some swear words your story gets deleted? Nice Episode! :expressionless: