Portia got pregnant

Ok, so the screenshot of her comparing he’d hair to Chernobyl is real (still gross), but the images are not. Still very poor taste. I wonder what Katy Perry would think?


But I can replay other stories.


I can on multiple of my android devices replay stories, it is definitely because it is a beta story and by the reactions to the story I really hope they don’t go through with this story.


i heard this story gives you hella gems if you play the whole thing

That only happens when you actually purchase the gems (beta’s usually give you what you purchase back when you finish the story)

@EtherealWitch @episodemichi
That’s actually not true, I have an android (Samsung Galaxy A30) and can replay stories, I will assume this is because its a Beta story that it can’t be replayed

I don’t have the story on my device though so I can’t even read it.


I still have the story on my phone (using it to get photos for the wishlist) but yes the MC is a horrible person. One of her “jokes” was that she doesn’t know if the baby daddy of her child and her ex best friend are in a relationship or are siblings.

Yes, there is an incest joke in an Episode featured story and the worst part is that the ex-best friend does not clarify if she and the baby daddy are related or not. :nauseated_face: :face_vomiting:

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Wow way to be classy episode having a character compare her hair to one the worst Nuclear disaster in human history.
I know the pictures aren’t really apart of it but still a tad wrong what’s next holocaust jokes?

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