Portraying Polyamorous Relationships/ Polygamy

This is what I was getting at. Any relationship is bound to have issues and jealousy - everyone has insecurities and that can negatively affect relationships without good communication. And, yes, toxic af relationships do exist in every sexuality and relationship type. The portrayal is what matters- just don’t make it unnecessarily dramatic to highlight the bias against it. -Does that make sense?

I think that is on a case-by-case basis and shouldn’t be construed as every poly relationship. and is probably more related to people who are new to poly relationships. If someone has been in poly relationship prior to their current, they are better equipped with the knowledge of what did and didn’t work or help the relationship advance.

Communication, no matter the type of relationship, is the key to having a long, healthy relationship. :woman_shrugging: so I think that can be applied to any type of story hoping to portray a healthy lifestyle and relationship.


I think this is a good point. I feel like it would be impossible for jealousy never to occur. someone is going to feel as though they aren’t getting as much attention as someone else at some point but what’s important is that they talk through it and and come up with a solution to try and avoid similar situations in the future


I don’t think you understand polyamory.


What are your views on such relationships?
I think it’s fine. You aren’t the people in these relationships, so you can’t say how they feel etc. Just because you wouldn’t do it or it won’t work for you, doesn’t mean it won’t work for others. If it’s between consenting adults, it’s okay!! Alot of people also don’t get the concept of the fact that you don’t own other people. You can’t control them. Yes, boundaries exist, but this requires communication. However, like another person said, I don’t approve of polyamory if there’s a power dynamic between one gender/sex over the other if this applies.
Would you want them to be portrayed in an Episode Story?
Yes, we need more representation of diverse relationships. Not everyone is monogamous and that’s completely fine.
In which part of the world is this cool?
It depends where you are I think.
Some tips on portraying such relationships.
Research. Don’t dramatize it.
Would you read a story where the MC is in such a relationship?
Why are you against/ in favour of these relationships being portrayed?
I’m in favour of this because like I said, not all romantic relationships are the same.
Do you think portraying these would have a negative impact on the young?
If portrayed correctly, no.


@Anna_Marie what do you think about my perspective?


Well, it’s fine that you wouldn’t do it!
But, it works for others. So, you can’t say it’s all jealousy for all relationships.
Polyamorous relationships can be healthy just like monogamous ones with trust and communication. That’s the basis for all relationships.


Am I the only one who finds this weird (not polamory) this thread? I personally don’t get why we are asking people for their opinion on polyamory, I get we have the right to express our opinions and stuff, I really do but I think asking what people think of someone’s relationship choices is a little idk invalidating… I am not going to speak for polyamourous people cause I am in no way a polyamorous person but if I was I doubt I would want to see a thread of people saying “I don’t get why someone would choose to do this” “Is this morally right?”. If you don’t get it, don’t worry you won’t have to because you might never need to or do research which is what I suggest for your fourth question. /g

But to answer your questions -

My views - As with most things (with obvious exceptions), your life not my business, if it don’t affect me or others then you do you.

Would you want them to be portrayed in an Episode Story? - I mean yeah, I only found out recently what it is through Hollyoaks (Brittish soap opera). I had no idea this was thing. This doesn’t mean it shocked me, it didn’t. I just never involved myself in different types of relationships or identities. So for people to learn and understand would be good so they don’t get that shock some others seem to have but obviously it would have to be done by someone who knows what they are writing about for real.

In which part of the world is this cool ? - :woman_shrugging:. Like with all things I think it depends on the person themselves. I don’t think a whole country or place would agree on the same thing for even one second.

Would you read a story where the MC is in such a relationship? - Yeah if the plot is interesting, don’t really care what relationships they are in as long as they are not toxic.

Why are you against/ in favour of these relationships being portrayed? - I mean why, episode loves to market it’s diversity. I think this would be another box ticked on their “checklist”. Plus it could make people who are potentially poly see people they can relate to.

Do you think portraying these would have a negative impact on the young readers? - If no one gives them an explanation, maybe but like what’s wrong with them learning about it. :woman_shrugging:


I’m pretty judgmental, so agree to disagree.

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I’m judgemental when it comes to certain things, but I feel like polyamorous people shouldn’t be judged based on what they do. It’s their relationship after all.

On another note, I can see how these kinds of relationships can be taxing on everyone and stressful, since you have to balance your time between everyone involved.


I’m basing polyamory on both my point of view and an anthropological standpoint.


From my (quick and limited) research, Polyamory was practiced as early as Mesopotamia, but there was limitations like if the man’s wife couldn’t bear a child, they could take on a second wife and that it was mostly practiced among rulers.

In Islamic culture, it’s usually limited to mainly polygany, or men taking up multiple wives but not the other way around. Concubines (mistress) were more common in the ancient world than polygamy.

It is believed by some scientists that there is some evolutionary disadvantage to polyamory, with monogamous relationships decreasing the spread of STDs and genetic diversity among a species rather than genetic stagnation or possible incest.

So as far as my research goes, while polyamory is common among other animals (gorillas, hamadryas baboons, tigers, etc.) humans and our early relatives typically are loyal to one partner. Most animals that enact in polyamory are seasonal breeders (humans and our relatives aren’t and never were) and enact in infanticide.


Ah, but polyamory and polygamy are two different things.


Yeah, in Islam, men are permitted to have four wives, women can only have one husband.


Let me tell you why I created this. As I told you- I’m an Indian. In ancient times, kings have had many polygamous relationships which had adverse consequence. Though they had their own reasons, it lead to patriarchal mindset (some way or the other) and hence, young minds are strictly against polygamy or even polyamory for that matter. And I’m asking all this just to ensure- if I portray it in a story, will people at all give it a chance. Some may find it a horrible thing to do 'cause it’s illegal down here. And here, even monogamous heterosexual relationships are “not considered moral”. But it’s legal (no matter what caste, culture, religion they are from). So, it does matter what you think, and none of the replies say that they are completely against it. The maximum was “I won’t do it”, “I won’t read such a story”.

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Yeah, I am talking about polyamory, I am not going to even get into polygamy but thanks for the nice response instead of attacking me. I get what you mean but it just seemed weird to me./g