Position of the overlay

Hey, guys!

I have a small problem and don’t know how to solve this. Whenever I copy & cut the overlay of my character (e.g. head, hand, body, etc.), it never covers my character completely. They don’t look precise.

Does anyone else have this problem or any tips how to deal with this? :c

I’ll be very grateful for help!


you can adjust the scale and position manually fine tune it.
Also dunno hoe in ink but in LL of the idle animations are still bit moving
therefore in LL people often use whole body overlay= custom pose. Which cam solve your problem too.

I tried to set the position manually and adjust really small changes but it never fits perfectly. It’s always visible :c I usually use whole body overlays but wanted to try using smaller one this time :c I have no more patience for that tbh :sweat_smile:

Maybe readjust it in whatever app you use to make these overlays and align it in there?

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