Positioning script problem after fall animation

So basically I have two characters.
In one scene character A exits the scene while character B does the run_fall animation and then we move on to the next scene.

The thing is I use spot directing and character A is put in position while you can see B still on the floor and then teleporting to his spot.

No idea how to fix the script cause I’m a noob.

SEND HELP.:heart:

@transition fade out 2


@cut to zone 2

@A spot 1.110 356 -53 in zone 1
@B spot 0.943 535 34 in zone 1

   A (talk_apathetic)
At least the elevator is secure

    B (talk_agree_happy)

Characters will stay in the last position of the last animation they did until you make them do another animation. So just make them be idle at the start of the new scene.

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Gosh I tried “is idle” and it didn’t work. I’m such a fool!
Thanks a bunch!