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You might as well know, Episode has created another featured story called Positively Princess, but this isn’t what I’m here to speak about it’s more of a rant about the story and to make a noise at Episode. For this story.

Now, I haven’t read any of it (nor do I want to), so I can’t really judge it too hard but from what the screenshots showed it looked like an ok story; directing was good but the plot ran too fast. From first glance when I saw this I was wanting to read the story but then as it gotten more attention some of my favorite authors noticed the echoes of Instant Princess are terrible, impossibly blatant. I was struck by the similarities, when some Episode authors realized this and, more importantly, how much had been stripped away. The diversity and culture present in IP’s design became a sick, pale imitation of the genuine (“Or as we say in Nadal, ‘Girl, byyyyee.’”). Without getting into the Europeanization of the plot or anti-Semitic design of the villain, who looks like Mother Gothel from Tangled by the way, it’s bad. But after all that happened with Instant Princess earlier this year, it feels sickening.

The similarities in the first chapters is where “Sexy stranger” tells the MC that she’s the lost princess of Ilandria. Then when it comes to the Queen of Ghamali, it’s eerily similar to what she said to the MC in Instant Princess.

This story is basically a rip off of Instant Princess adding a pregnancy in the twist. Don’t we already have a story where a normal teenage girl gets knocked up by some prince already? Do we seriously need a second one?

I’m just going to say that I don’t get Episode’s and other author’s obsession with pregnancy. Unplanned pregnancy at such a young age is not glamorous or romantic as episode shows it to be. I just don’t see the appeal of getting pregnant by a one time encounter with a stranger who happens to be a prince or billionaire or student or whatever. What it does show is how episode promotes unsafe sex. just my opinion. They’re making it seem like pregnancy is everything and having children is so important when it isn’t. They are just telling kids that it’s ok to throw away a future that you want to have and just have a kid that will hold you back, personally, there should be stories that tell kids that they should wait until they have kids.

I do want to place a few bets though: I bet the pregnancy aspect of the story will have little to no research into it. If this is an unplanned pregnancy, the topic of abortion won’t be addressed properly (or at all). And the baby will be treated as an insignificant plot accessory.

Even with Episode authors that put unrealistic happy endings for teen couples. Like they have their parents upset but then it is all forgotten since parents accept that their kid is pregnant and get so excited to be a grandma and grandpa. Like whut?! You’re not angry that you learned your daughter is pregnant with some guy?

Not all teen pregnancies have a happy ending per say. Some teens get kicked out of the house by their parents once they hear that their child getting knocked up by some teen boy and they leave them to fend for themselves in the real world.

Not to mention the dangers of having unsafe sex. Like you could get STD’s and if the guy is lying to you that he does not have like a Sexually Transmitted Disease, you are going to get that disease anyway.

Basically the "baby daddy" Dalton, is probably nothing more than a hit and quit type of guy or they could just make him " wanting to be with the mc and be the father of the baby" cliché. Even I forgot to say that there are going to be some teen dads that will step up to be the father and there are some teens that will not step up to be the father of the baby.

People are sayin’ this is a good story. Uh, bitch where? The first episode already gave me a bad impression and a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t WANT anymore hot and bad boys and sexy strangers, it’s just overused anyways. Can I PLEASE just have an original featured story for ONCE IN MY LIFE?

They literally took a beautifully written story with actual people of color who have strong ethnic ties and made it a cliché story. Releasing this story is an insult to injury, frankly, regardless of whether the intent is personally malicious. It’s disrespectful to LB’s heartfelt creativity and human spirit. It’s dishonest.

We as a community need to make enough noise about this to get the Episode team to address it. This is such a blatant slap in the face to LB that it’s unbelievable. What kind of message does this send? That stories about dark-skinned black girls and their cultures aren’t wanted unless you can slap a white face onto it instead and take out all the culture that made them meaningful, to begin with?

What I want to see that Episode should do instead of all of this shit of bad boys, mafia and gangs. They should be promoting stories that deal with real-life issues like mental health, overcoming abuse and racism, stories that promote treating people fairly instead of this.


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