Positively Undeniably Gorgeous (PUG) Cover Contest [On Hold]

Hello everybody! Welcome to my next cover contest!
I am so excited to see what you all come up with for this story!

I will be looking or drawn/edited covers, splashes, and intro pieces for this contest. This story will be titled: Positively Undeniably Gorgeous.
For future reference I will be referring to it as PUG.


I know it says platinum blond, but it should say platinum white! So Rory for the mix up!

Outfit for confident Hallie:

Outfit for regular Hallie:

Confident Hallie:
She comes in later in the story when Hallie figures out that truly is beautiful for who she is. She becomes more outgoing and flirtations, however this causes her to lose sight of what is really important in the grand scheme of things as she begins to hang around people more materialistic.

Regular Hallie:
A shy girl with her own trauma. She is just trying to get through life under the radar as an average nobody. She hate attention because she is extremely insecure. She is a rather tall girl for her age, but still small in comparison to Xander.


Xander is a very bubbly person, willing to get along with a lot of people. This caused him to be friends with everyone, making him a rather popular figure in high school. He is extremely respectful of others, and definitely someone you can rely on. He is an extremely tall guy that towers over even the tallest people.

Hallie Clyborn, a senior in high school, has lived out her life constantly selling herself short to stay in the background. What happens when she learns to accept her true beauty? Will she change for the better or worse as this new found confidence grabs the attention of others?

  • This story is a comedy story!
  • There will be a focus on character development in Hallie as she changes personas!

I don’t have much to offer, but I will have prizes!

1st Place: 1st place will go to the best small cover! They will be able to cash in 3 edits made by yours truly (examples of my edits are the character cards above). Additionally you will have a major character in my story, and you will receive major promotion from me in my story and on the forums (sorry I don’t have IG).

2nd Place: 2nd place will go to the best large cover! They will be able to cash in 2 edits made by me as well, and you have will a character in the story with a couple speaking lines. I will promote your story as well!

**3rd Place:**3rd place will most likely be 1-2 people actually. This is for the splashes and intros. They will each receive 1 edit from me with their characters as background characters. They will additionally receive promotion from me as well!

  1. I accept large and small covers, splashes, and intro/outro art.
  2. The deadline is December 21st!It might occur that the date is pushed back, but please try to get your submissions in my this date!
  3. For the cover the two characters must be included, along with the title and the author (Celeste)
  4. You can enter up to 3 Times!
  5. Do not copy another artists work (This will automatically DISQUALIFY you).
  6. This is a limelight story!
  7. If you wish to email me the cover please let me know in a private message.
  8. Please use this password when entering: PUG :dog:

**This will be judged by me, @episodemichi, @ImAnAlien, and a couple others!

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, but if you are can you please let me know within the next week or two if you will join?


@fawnie @lani11

People that have (possibly) joined!



I dont know if i’ll join, but i’ll see if i can :two_hearts:

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I’ll try to join bb :heartpulse:

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Lovely! I hope to see what you two come up with!

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I might join!

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Sorry but I don’t do cover contests or work in LL :sparkles:

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My bad! Thank you so much for letting me know, I hope you have an amazing day! :two_hearts:

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Wonderful! I cannot wait to see what you might create!

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I’m not sure if I’ll be able to try but I’ll see

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Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

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oof my english sucks

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Haha you’re good

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I’m really sorry, I can’t😭

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I’m a little confused–Is it Possibly Undeniably Gorgeous or Possibly Undeniably Beautiful?

And do you mind possibly tagging me when it’s published :point_right::point_left:

That’s ok, thank you for letting me know

Positively haha

If you mean the story, then sure I can


OH positively haha wrote that wrong. But you say both Gorgeous and Beautiful for the title in the post. Which should I use for the cover? And yes, I do mean the story. It’s definitely something I’d like to read.

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Dang it’s gorgeous!

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Fantastic, thank you for the clarification!

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I’ll try to join :heart:

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