Possible rule loophole?



I have a story i really wanna write and publish, but ariana grande is a main character as well as mac miller so it would break the rule stating i can’t use celebrities in my story, I don’t wanna break any rules. However I am wondering if I could publish this story if I change any celebrity names to a name that is way different, but still clear enough for others to tell who i am referencing, For example

could I make Ariana grande’s name in my story " Ariana Gandre " ?

If the answer is no I completely understand and accept it. I’m assuming i can at least write it without publishing it; just for practice


You could do that, but you’d likely be threading on thin ice with the Epsidoe team. A better thing to do is just keep the story the same but give the character a wilder name. Or one that sounds like Ariana Grande while still being pretty unique like Aria Grand.


Moved to Episode Fan Community, also want to say I would 100% read your fictionalized Ariana/Mac tale! Carry on :v:t2:


I would highly suggest a much more clever and parodied name than just “Ariana Gandre”… you literally just switched two letters around and left the first name as is. Ariana Grande sounds like it could rhyme with plenty of names so mess around with it.


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