Possible Script Glitch? Help!

Hi, I’m not really sure if this will make complete sense but I have just finished my first episode, and when I preview it in the web previewer it looks completely smooth and clean, but when I preview it on the app on my phone there are some parts of a certain scene that has minor glitching, and it doesn’t look as smooth.

Should I be worried about this at all? Or will it be fine when it’s published since it looks fine on the web previewer?

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What’s the exact scene with the glitch? What happens?

Here’s the script, but basically when I shift my characters to a different spot to fit those parts of the scene, it kind of shows them shifting, I guess? And in the first picture where I do the same thing, the transition glitches as well, while they shift.

Like I said it works completely fine in the web previewer, it just slightly glitches in the app. I’m not sure if I have to change something in the script or if it’ll be fine, but any changes I’ve made before to fix it before makes it do the same problem in the web previewer.

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Try to use ‘&’ instead of ‘@‘ whenever you cut to a different zone and shift characters to that zone.

If you copy and paste the segments of the script you have problems with here, I can help you edit it.

The script’s most probably fine
It just looks glitchy as the commands with ‘@‘ will be completed one by one. If you want the zone changing command and character spot directing command to happen simultaneously, you have to use ‘&’ for one of them.

&cut to zone 3
@CHARACTER spot % x y in zone 3

I just tried using an “&” instead of an “@” and am still running into the same problem, do you think there could be anything else causing it? or is it just the app?

Here’s both of the area’s of script I’m having problems with.

&cut to zone 3
@zoom on 732 298 to 197% in 0
@FRANCESCO spot 1.361 756 -109 in zone 2
@FRANCESCO moves to layer 3

@overlay SPLAT create

@overlay SPLAT opacity 0 in 0

@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT shifts to 241 326 in zone 2
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT scales to 0.387 0.387
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT moves to layer 5

@LEONA spot 1.397 83 -87 in zone 3
@LEONA moves to layer 3

@LEONA starts stab_knife_overhand_angry

@pause for a beat

@overlay SPLAT opacity 0 in 0

@overlay SPLAT rotates 45 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT shifts to 101 251 in zone 3
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT scales to 0.387 0.387
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT moves to layer 5

@overlay SPLAT opacity 1 in 0

&cut to zone 3
@zoom on 640 38 to 243% in 0
@LEONA spot 1.145 46 142 in zone 3 AND LEONA starts idle_armscrossed_neutral_loop
@LEONA moves to layer 2
@FRANCESCO spot 1.361 685 93 in zone 2 AND FRANCESCO faces right
@FRANCESCO moves to layer 3
@FRANCESCO starts idle_lay_facedown_loop_rear
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT shifts to 33 383 in zone 3
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT scales to -0.370 -0.370
@overlay 6431018798284800_SPLAT moves to layer 5
@overlay SPLAT rotates 10 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0
@overlay PUDDLE create
@overlay PUDDLE opacity 1 in 0
@overlay 6431018798284800_PUDDLE shifts to 25 -72 in zone 3
@overlay 6431018798284800_PUDDLE scales to 1.432 1.432
@overlay 6431018798284800_PUDDLE moves to layer 1
@transition fade in black 2

Use the ampersand for the placement of the characters or do it all in one line. If you do:

@CHARACTER spot 1 0 0
@CHARACTER faces left
@CHARACTER is idle_sit…
@CHARACTER moves to layer 2

… the character is gonna do so one thing after the other and not all at once. He’s at the right spot. Then he faces left. Then he sits. Then he moves to another layer. This will cause weird shifting in the app which the portal might overlook.

Either use the & for each line there or do it the easy way:

@CHARACTER spot 1 0 0 at layer 2 and CHARACTER faces left and CHARACTER starts idle_sit…

That way it’s also easier to have a long command of things a character does while other things are happening. For example:

&CHARACTER spot 1 0 0 at layer 2 and CHARACTER faces left and CHARACTER starts idle THEN pause for 4 THEN CHARACTER starts laugh_giggle

@MOM spot 1 100 0 at layer 3 and MOM faces right and MOM is dance_…

@pause for 5

In that scene mom is dancing while the other character watches and starts laughing after 4 seconds. Poor mom … But anyway, that’s why I prefer having the whole action for each character in one line. You can do so much at the same time this way. This is just a very simplified example for which you could also code differently. If things are getting more complex though, that’s the way to go. :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:

Thank you, this worked for the most part, the only thing I couldn’t get to work still was the transition to open up the cut scene in the second script I posted, so I had to remove it from the script. :slightly_frowning_face:

What line is it on? If I know the number it’s gonna be easier to know what I’m looking for.

it’s on line 4444 in the first screenshot i posted!

What did you WANT to happen there? Did you want the overlays already be in motion while the transition is happening, and not after? In that case, since you can’t use & for a transition, you have to put all the overlay stuff that needs to be in motion above the transition line with &overlay … Both, the scaling and the shifting. And also the placing of the layer, unless that’s happening after the transition.

I did want the transition to happen after the overlays and such were already in place, but I did put an & for all the overlay stuff and put the transition after and it still looks a little funky so I’m not really sure what to do in this case.

Sometimes that happens when you need too many commands (especially overlay commands) to be completed simultaneously. What I do is upload a black image (1920 x 1136) and use it as a ui

So basically:

&(command here)
&ui BLACK_BG create
&ui BLACK_BG shifts to 1 1 in zone 1
&ui BLACK_BG scales to 1 1 in zone 1
@ui BLACK_BG opacity 1 in 0
@ui BLACK_BG opacity 0 in 0.5

This works for me (I used this in a scene in which I used ~10 characters and ~10 overlays) , but sometimes the transition will still look a tad glitchy.

Oh my goodness, I think you just saved my life thank you so much :slight_smile: <3

Glad to help! :wink:
I use this trick all the time myself.

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