Possibly mafia/gang story

SOS, I was reading a book but lost it it is fully released and in limelight. The girl I think is forced to live with him. I remember a scene in the story she got injured and had to take medications for it, when they were back at his place she had a bath and had some drank while in it and passed out in the tub and he walked in and dragged her out of it and got upset because something similar happened to his mother when he was younger. I remember there’s an art scene after and he is sitting on the floor with her in his arms almost lifeless. That’s as far as I got and I think he may be in the mafia or a gang I can not remember. If anyone knows what story I am talking about please help I will forever be grateful!!

Maybe: La Contis You’re Mine
It has something similar, I don’t remember about the mother part, but I’ve read something else similar to it, damn gal, I’ll try to remember!