Post girl and boy names

Sometimes it can be hard to find names for you character. Here are some girl and boy names that you guys mite like.

Girl names:
Bella, Audrey, Lucy, Addison, Emilia, Natalie, Stella, Zoe, Ellie, Hazel, Hannah, Riley, Grace, Madison, Chloe, Penelope, Scarlett, Alex, Alyssa, Destiny, Stephanie, Erica, Amara, Toni, Olivia, Aria, Sofia, Luna, Ella, Abby, Mia, Amelia, Sophia, Camren, Ava. Emma, Monique, Diana, Delia, Dafne, Debby, Mary, Rosy, Serenity, Carole, Natalia, Sam, Samantha, Cat, Marissa, Lindy, Jasmine.

Boy names:
Matt, Michael, Brad, Antony, Mike, James, William, Eli, Edy, Jack, Jesse, Adam, Chris, Liam, Lucas, Eric, Even, Albert, Samuel, Sam, Jimmy, Robert, Robby, Abdel, Ben, Josh, Thomas, Andrew, Asher, Jaxson, Leo, Dylan, Gabriel, Jayden, Alex, Daniel, David, Isaac, Grayson, Luke, Julian, Owen, Ethan, Elijah, Oliver,

Here are some last names:

Smith, Johnson, Brown, Jones, Miller, Davis, Rodriguez, Martinez, Hernandez, Lopez, Wilson, Gonzalez, Anderson, Moore, Martin, Lee, Perez, Thompson, White, Harris, Sanchez, Clark, Ramirez, Lewis, Robinson, Walker, 35. Wright, Scott, Torres, Nguyen, Hill, Flores, Green, Adams, 43. Nelson, Baker, Hall, Rivera, Mitchell, Carter, Roberts

There you go If you guys have more names put them down it would be very helpful to others.

Small competition: What is my name? It is up in the girl section see if you could guess it


Your name = Destiny

Here are more names =

Need Any Character Names? Here’s are loads for you to choose from! (: - Community / Episode Fan Community - Episode Forums (

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Sorry, I’m just confused lol? If anyone has these last names I apologize for making fun of you :confused:


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