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Thanks for the help, I have gotten help to find the right research and information I needed.


i would say no because your refering to her bueauty of the character its not bad to say that

No as it’s a metaphorical language and it’s just giving us a better image, just as long as you don’t make it seem like one skin tone is better than another l.

no i don’t think so :))

I think it’s fine because you aren’t comparing it with anything offensive.

No, I feel like it just enhances the description of her beauty :thinking:

I feel like the description is perfect.

no i don’t think so. it rather seems to compliment ones beauty.

Also just some help needed here - I am new to forum so i don’t really know how to use it as i am still discovering.Can anyone tell how i can make i seperate post here asaking for any kind of help just how rose did in this post.
Also i am working on my first story which isn’t published just yet. can anyone help me on my main male character ideas like how he should look (he is a mafia heir btw)…?

Thank you :blush: :heart: :heart:

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