Post my story in 2 languages

Hi everyone,

I’m new to the Episode and I’m now writing my first story.
I’ve searched everywhere but couldn’t find an answer, so I started a thread.

I’m writing a story in English and will publish it in English. But I also see that there’s an option to switch to other languages in the app and my native language (Russian) is one of them. The Russian version of the app now contains only a few stories in Russian, which are translations of popular featured stories.

Can I somehow post my story in the Russian version of the app after translating it? And what is the right way to do it?



From what I have seen most people normally just code in the option to read it in either language which will take more work but some also publish there story separately, one english and one in another language. I’m not sure if that answers you question but I hope that this was helpful :two_hearts:


Thank you!
I haven’t seen stories in other than English in the app so far, so I was wondering if there was any rule regarding the language.
I guess there isn’t :slight_smile:

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ive read a story that gave you the option to read in english or in german (as a choice)

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you’d probably code 1000+ lines each episode, but if it’s the same story you should probably keep it as one story in stead of two

I don’t think there are any rules regarding that, but the general guidelines still apply regardless of language💕

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