Post Pictures Of Your Sims!



Hey! Post pictures of your favourite sims you’ve made here!

Here’s one of mine!

Ask for cc! :sparkling_heart:

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I killed all my sims in the Sims 4

Omg let me find her




Lol :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Gorgeous! Do you use cc?




Nice! I love her body!


These are the sims I play with most when I’m on the Sims 4, which is almost never :sweat_smile: I’ll come back to share the ones I play with most on the Sims 3.


Oooh so cute!


Mary Sue and Gary Stu. Two sims who’ve mastered all skills.

Mary%20Sue Gary%20Stu

I like to play the sims while creating their memories and a story using their scrapbook. It’s awesome to look back on it when you’ve played with them for a long time and see how far they’ve come. When I was in high school, my friends and I would exchange save files and see what characters, stories, and challenges we came up with and what the families we created would turn out like in the hands of another “Sim Goddess”.





They’re so cute! I love to look back at the memories!


She’s gorgeous!


I play!
IMO something


IMVO I think its called?


Yeah yeah I can’t afford Sims!


Its cool, post pictures your character from IMVO or whatever its called :joy:




Thank you so much :heart:


Your welcome! :sparkling_heart: