Post script template ideas here!

Hey, fellow Creators!

I’m creating this thread to discuss script templates! They’re something that’s every person’s saving grace at one point or another, whether that be customization templates, minigame templates, or spot templates (i.e. crowd scenes that—let’s be honest—nobody likes to create).
Well hey, today’s your lucky day! I’m willing to be that person that creates storywide/genre-wide templates for your free use! All I ask is that you don’t remove any credit that will be implemented in the templates, as I’m taking time out of my day to fulfill your requests for free :).

So how do you request/how can you request?
It’s very simple!

I need the most accurate description you can for the template. If you want it done on a certain background, let me know. Otherwise I will choose one I feel fits best. If you have your own, include it in your reply.
How many characters (if not a crowd scene)?
What gender(s)?
Yes, I need to know gender(s), as their forms + different spottings require different placement.
What are they doing?
Dancing? Talking? Interviewing? Selecting a character out of a potential 2-4 or more? Remembering choices?
Advanced directing or simple directing?
In other words, are you okay with the oncorporating of things such as zooms, speechbubble placement, and movement done by me to enhance the scene further? This MAY include extra overlays for you to spot + upload to your own portal.
Are you okay with sharing of the template?
Assuming this post doesn’t flop, I will be adding script templates I create to a drive for public use. If you’re not okay with it being publicly shared, LET ME KNOW! If you do not provide an answer here, I will assume you’re okay with it being posted. With that in mind, DM me here or on instagram (@winteronepisode) if you’re wanting the details to remain private.

But wait! Not all script templates involve the movement or spotting of characters! Some are dressing games, some are customization, some are remembering choices, some are even hair/makeup minigames! Not to mention sexuality choices and/or character selection!

These are “basic” templates that I already have a few made for. I’m very open to sharing these, just know they’re a little more complex. Customization templates as well as hair + makeup minigames are already available via, so keep that in mind before commenting! If you’re looking for a template like one found in my story R&R: Outta Luck (remembering a previous lip color choice + implementing it in another minigame), feel free to let me know.

That’s it! The only final thing I request of you is that you follow me on Instagram (@winteronepisode) if you have it! I look forward to reading your requests!

Good luck with your stories! Keep going, you’re a rockstar :grin::revolving_hearts:!


may you make one where cars are racing. Like a street racing please?. I really need help with one. Like three cars racing. I have a specific background. And overlays.


Hey! I’d be happy to. Could you DM me the assets you’d like used :)?



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Maybe like taking a picture of someone, then show them looking at the picture.
Or somemore ideas:

Horse races
Human races
Throwing winkled paper at classmate/person


Could you make a script template for a basketball game? Like 2 teams running back and forth switching the ball from team to team. then captain haves the ball someone tries to steal it then the captain shoots and makes it

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I’ll try my hand at it, thank you for the request!

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Thank you for accepting :slight_smile:

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I need ideasssss hi :slight_smile: All previous posts will be tried as well, thank you for your patience!

Are you still doing requests?

Yes :slight_smile:

Ok. I ll dm you the details. Thank you

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If you’re still taking requests!
Three people in a car two in the front one in the back the one in the back constantly singing

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Thank you! Do you have any backgrounds/overlays in specific that you’re wanting used? Or shall I find you some?


Please find me some!
I’m really bad at finding overlays… :sweat_smile:


Hey, I would like to request one…


Background name & overlay names EXT. UNIVERSITY QUAD - DAY
Any other details 16students are around. MC comes running then stops. MIA walks to her and they start their conversation. The camera covers the whole zone now and LI is standing near the camera but far from MC. He looking at MC. MC and Mia walk to the building and LI watches them get in.

MC and Mia are female. LI is male for students, no specific gender

[Temporarily closed while I work on requests]

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