Post splashes here!

I thought of making a post where peeps could post random splashes for others to use, basically reply in a post a splash that others can use in their stories.

Overlays are allowed, too!

And overlay splashes!

Please specify if you would like credit for the splash!

Thank you!

Use this forum if you want to share a splash, overlay, or background you made.

Btw, I want you guys to post universal splashes, this means post only splashes that can used for “TO be continued” Basically anything without the name of an Arthur or a story unless it has to do with a Genre because some peeps may be making horrors, or comedies and and may want it to say something horrific, or something.


Credit (Yes or not needed):


Type of Splash:


Type of Splash: Chapter splash

Like… “Chapter 1” in the splash.

The forum is optional, but please I will need the peeps that want to use these splashes to ASSUME that the makers of the splash wants credit because it might cause a problem if you don’t!

And DEFINITELY Credit the person if they want credit or it may make a bigger problem!

They bluntly said so. :confused:

Is they don’t ant credit, it is optional unless they say “I DEMAND YOU DON’T CREDIT ME” or something.

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This are not the one to use if you want a splash or a cover go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)

Oh thank you

I can make loading screens, texting screens, turn your volume up splashes, Mature Themes And Strong Language splashes, don’t click too much Splashes, instagram splashes, Chapter splashes, And a mix of all,

Im super bad at editing >.<

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I don’t think you are! These are pretty good.

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Thanks <3

mine are in my thread if you’d like to see them, click here -> EM's new and improved art shop (now open)

remember to credit! :3

Good day xox

Credit is appreciated!


Hii, I have a bunch of splashes on my thread if anyone wants to use them! I also do requests :blush:

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wow these are absolutely beautiful <3 I currently already have splashes for my current story but I’m tempted to use these for my next one! And I always give rightful credit where it’s deserved! :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile: Glad you like them!

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