Post the Sexiest Limelight Guys


I want you guys to make the sexiest male character.
Post your images below.


I like how i designed this main character in my story so…


I don’t think you can design a “sexy” LL guy, they all have weird faces that are too small for their bodies.



Omg Ikr! They look kinda like highschoolers cause of their baby faces.


This is the MC of my WIP story. His name is Ash.
I think he’s pretty cute.


Here is mines Zane Fisher




can you write which exactly eyebrows, lip color etc. you’ve been using ? thanks)




You cant steal my character gurll he my bae :crying_cat_face:


found the eye/hair/mouth/etc. that looks the closest!

HAIR: Curly Mohawk (black dark)
FACE: Triangle Chiseled
EYEBROW: Round Medium (black dark)
EYES: Deepset Heavy Lid (green emerald)
NOSE: Hooked Grecian
MOUTH: Medium Heart (beige deep neutral)
BODY: Male Generic Skin (brown neutral)

hope it helps!


Im pretty sure I said not to steal my characters…-_- yall so hard headed. Jk


Kayden Darcy
Hair/Eyebrow: Deep Brown/ Long Braided
Skin: Copper 6
Eyes: Monolid/Hazel
Face: Male Generic
Nose: Straight Narrow
Mouth Medium Heart/Rose Medium Nude Matte




Your comment is very off Topic and has nothing to do with the postings.


Hello @LanaAugustine!

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I wish the clothing style varied more, both for the guys and gals. It’s got a lot of options, but they all kinda follow the same stylish/trendy pattern. It makes a lot of the characters so same-y. (Seriously there’s barely any casual flat shoes everything’s gotta be heels…why???)

Same goes for guys. It would really help if there was more difference in body types. I prefer broad or even chubby dudes. The average build makes all them blend together so much. :disappointed_relieved:


Want to show off sexy limelight guys? Create them here:
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Give it a try :wink:


Let’s meet Marcus :smiley: