Post your art here!


So I’ve noticed how the only art people post on this site are cover art, overlays, and art scenes. But what about the art that artists do for fun, and not for episode? This is where you can post that art!

•no mean comments about someone else’s drawings!
•no fighting!
•don’t post anything too inappropriate!
•please don’t cuss, or post drawings with rude gestures/ too much skin showing.

Have fun, and draw away!

Official Art Sharing and Feedback Thread

There’s already a thread similar to this. :+1:t6:


Thanks @GiGi_is_Me! :grin:


But that one is for edits more specifically, not non-Episode related art as they seem to be meaning.


I drew this a while ago, and I was pretty proud of it. I haven’t been able to draw something as good since though.


Small bump


I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with this like I am but I really wanted a love heart shaped flame around them



What do you guys recommend for this cover art? I kind of don’t like the font but I want others opinions! :grinning:




Whoa, you play Msp? Which server do you use?


It looks good, but I think you should add more details :thinking:
Actually, this background gives me scary vibes too :sweat_smile:


UK ch