Post Your Backgrounds/Overlays Here!


This is a thread for you to post some of your overlays and backgrounds you’ve made for others to use! Post the photos or give a link to your folder with your stuff in it. Write if you want credit or not and if you take requests. The request part isn’t necessary, but you can add it! This isn’t a request thread. If the poster allows requests, comment on their post or go to their request thread if they have one. Don’t just post “Can someone make an overlay of _____?” or ask if someone has one. There are a lot of great request threads you can go to ask for! This is just something so people can share some of their favorite backgrounds/overlays they’ve made and are willing to share. Hope you guys find this useful!

Here are mine:

General Backgrounds


Personal Backgrounds

I’d be willing to make custom versions of these for you if you want! Comment below if you want one!



Feel free to use these in your stories. If you do use them, please credit me! You can either use my forum name or my instagram @twixlzz. Just a “Thanks to (whatever name you use) for her background/overlay!”


Sorry for not seeing this sooner I’m really new and I really admire your art its remarkable and I wanted to ask if I can use it in my story


No problem! My insta is @twixlzz for credit. Happy you like it!


Ok so I can use ypur overlays and back grounds


And yeah I would like some of your art if possible


You can use whatever you want! Anything posted on here is fair game as long as I get some credit! Also, what do you mean by “some of your art?” Like a request?


Yeah I’ve been learning how to make episode splashes and I can send you a model to see and can you send me the rest of your art works like overlays backgrounds etc


This is actually all of the stuff I’ve made so far since I do it along with my stories, but I can message you my overlays/backgrounds and stuff that I make in the future! You can message me the model if you want


Thanks you




i love this concept! do you mind if i make something a little like that? basically a night/day picture that says “The next day…” like yours to use in my story?





Duplicate thread :v:
Theres already a thread here:


Thanks for letting me know! I saw this thread a while ago but couldn’t find it again for some reason so I assumed it was deleted.


I have more, just wondering if anyone’s interested.


Recolored Hallway with Drama Club poster. credit on mariannap.episode on insta


Recolored hallway