Post your Classic Stories here!

This is thread for classic stories, only. Simply bc, it’s just REALLY hard to find them, sometimes.


I have 3!
Gemstone I (which I am editing, I would not recommend reading beyond first chapter), Orphaned, And The Queen.
Gemstone I


The Queen

EDIT : Gemstone I is edited and ready! You can read up to chapter 3 now. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is really hard to find Classic stories, they should have a separate shelf for them. Here’s one of mine (I’m working on 5 at the moment, but only 1 is published):
Title: I’m So Confused
Description: She’s always been confused about boys, friends, drama and well…life. What happens when she loses her memory and is more confused than ever?
Type: Drama

I have a lot of story suggestions too, if you want those :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for making this thread

There is something like this: FEATURE: Creating A Classic Shelf

You can support it, I do hope they do this.


Yeah, I think I bumped it yesterday :slightly_smiling_face: