Post your links to contests here!

So we all have MADE CONTESTS but no one has ever noticed them, in this thread you can post links to your contests here!

Also, please refrain from doing the following things:

  • Causing drama
  • Advertising own ART REQUEST THREADS
  • Asking people “Can you join my group?”
  • Requesting from people

To keep this thread organized please fill this out to post your contests:
Thread title:
What kind of contest is it?:
What are the prizes?:
Paste a link:
Anything else?

Is there anything else I have missed? Post down below for any questions!


This is a great idea!

Thread title: Magical Putline Contest
What kind of contest is it?: Outline!
What are the prizes?: Edits, shoutouts and more!
Deadline: August 10th
Paste a link:

It would be great if you joined!

I just realized that this is a duplicate thread, last one was by @MadisonW
So @Jeremy or @Sydney_H would you be so kind to close this?


Topic closed by OP request. :wink: