Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

You can find it in my profile, in my linktree but only for INK

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Thank you so much! I’ll read the guide, lol :slight_smile: :smile:

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Hey!! I’m looking for someone who can help me make a script template for this background (I WILL GIVE CREDIT)–>


What would you like in the background?

Characters talking and drinking coffee :slight_smile:

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A really long line at a shopping center - Limelight

&cut to zone 5
&zoom reset
&LINE1 spot 0.398 188 466 AND LINE1 faces left AND LINE1 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE1 moves to layer 0
&LINE2 spot 0.398 144 447 AND LINE2 faces left AND LINE2 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE2 moves to layer 1
&LINE3 spot 0.425 190 436 AND LINE3 faces right AND LINE3 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE3 moves to layer 2
&LINE4 spot 0.506 139 404 AND LINE4 faces left AND LINE4 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE4 moves to layer 3
&LINE5 spot 0.506 205 367 AND LINE5 faces right AND LINE5 is hug_neutral_loop_rear AND LINE5 moves to layer 4
&LINE6 spot 0.659 159 316 AND LINE6 faces left AND LINE6 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE6 moves to layer 5
&LINE7 spot 0.776 99 268 AND LINE7 faces left AND LINE7 is talk_neutral_loop_rear AND LINE7 moves to layer 6
&LINE8 spot 0.947 62 163 AND LINE8 faces right AND LINE8 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE8 moves to layer 7
&LINE9 spot 1.073 106 105 AND LINE9 faces left AND LINE9 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE9 moves to layer 8
&LINE10 spot 1.163 15 65 AND LINE10 faces right AND LINE10 is text_phone_sad_loop AND LINE10 moves to layer 9
&LINE11 spot 1.001 263 157 in zone 4 AND LINE11 faces right AND LINE11 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND LINE11 moves to layer 8
&LINE12 spot 0.920 185 201 in zone 4 AND LINE12 faces right AND LINE12 is think_rubchin AND LINE12 moves to layer 7
&LINE13 spot 0.974 146 133 in zone 4 AND LINE13 faces right AND LINE13 is talk_phone_angry_loop AND LINE13 moves to layer 10
&LINE14 spot 0.974 113 172 in zone 4 AND LINE14 faces left AND LINE14 is talk_neutral_loop AND LINE14 moves to layer 9
&LINE15 spot 0.983 35 177 in zone 4 AND LINE15 faces right AND LINE15 is listen_nod_happy_loop AND LINE15 moves to layer 9
&LINEKID spot 0.722 -8 191 in zone 4 AND LINEKID faces right AND LINEKID is cry_sob_sad_loop AND LINEKID moves to layer 10
&LINE16 spot 0.983 -63 177 in zone 4 AND LINE16 faces right AND LINE16 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND LINE16 moves to layer 8
@transition fade in
@pan to zone 3 in 10
&remove LINE1
&remove LINE2
&remove LINE3
&remove LINE4
&remove LINE5
&remove LINE6
&remove LINE7
&remove LINE8
@FEMALEMC spot 1.001 -46 178 AND FEMALEMC moves to layer 10
@MALEMC spot 1.001 -46 178 AND MALEMC moves to layer 9
&FEMALEMC walks to spot 1.001 73 172 in 1.2
@MALEMC walks to spot 1.001 112 189 in 1.5

Small Note

This may cause some devices to crash, hence why I removed a lot of the characters after the pan was over.


Can you send me the arm overlay😩? (I’ll give credit for the template and overlay in reader message)

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What layer you put for them I try mines look fu*ck up lol :joy:

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Categorized Dressing Game

I haven’t tested it out yet, so while I haven’t yet, you might have to fix a few errors yourself.

The animations here are from INK, so make sure to change them to LL animations if your story’s not in INK. (I’m not sure about gender, though, since some animations I know for INK female have the same name as INK male’s, but if needed, change it.)

hello! can anyone make me an airport template for LL??

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it says there’s an error each time I click it

What does?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone could make me a city template with BG characters for:

WHAT ARE THEY DOING: walking across the street, talking on the phone, talking, laughing, using their phones, etc.

thanks for anyone’s assistance

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the google drive link

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Tbh, I’m pretty sure @GiGi_is_Me isn’t active anymore so they probably deleted the doc or just changed the settings so it wasn’t shared anymore :confused:

can someone help me please, I’m new to this. I keep getting error “there is a { on line 68 that does not have a matching }”
ill post my script below
label thursday_nightout

Choose an outfit for tonight.

“The LBD”{

@PEYTON changes into PEYTON_nightout_lbd

“The Skirt”{

@PEYTON changes into PEYTON_nightut_skirt


@PEYTON changes into PEYTON_nightout_classy


@pause for a beat
@pause for a beat

Are you happy with your choice?

“Wear this outfit.”{

    PEYTON (idle_headbob_neutral_loop)
(I look delish!)

} “Try something else.”{

goto thursday_nightout

please help, im going mad:sob:

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There is a { after try something else, you need to close that with an } in the next line.

After goto thursday_nightout, use the code below(or add more). The error message means you didn’t close the choice.

}“Try something else.”{
goto thursday_nightout

thank you so much, what a life saver you are:pray:

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do you think you can make a script template for the EXT. CAMPUS QUAD EAST - DAY with limelight characters ?