Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

I already have you on instagram, I’ll message you. Give me a few minutes.

And yes. lol. So let me get this over with then I will send it to you. Send me background and overlay for reception.

EPIFLIX (A knock off Netflix for episode) :blush:


Helps alot

does anyone by any chance have a tapeable menu template for start, previously, customize and skip

Anyone has an underground fight script where everyone are cheering and the Mc is in the ring!!


A few months ago, I created a highly interactive Social Media Minigame for my story, Ghost of a Chance. The game lets the reader view someone’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts, and tap on all assets, including photos, stories, posts, headers, etc. and open them into new windows, just like they would irl.

I have finally managed to put together a tutorial on how to make your own! Be warned - this game will take some work on your part to create all the photos and posts. I have included all of my templates, code, and a video example of the one I created for reference.

You can access everything you need in my Google Drive linked HERE.

Please don’t forget to credit me if you use any of my assets, even if you make edits! This game took me an insane amount of time to make, and credit is all I ask for. If you have any questions or issues, please message me here or DM me @rachelonepisode on Instagram! I would love to see your end result or help you however I can!

Happy coding :blush:


SORRY I COULDN’T RESPOND. I haven’t been on here for awhile. I’m sorry I don’t have a sound warning right now.


okay :smile:

OMG so cool too bad i dont have access to anyones drive rn cuz of issues on my compter :sleepy: :grin: :heart_eyes:

If you DM me your email I can send it to you that way :blush:

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Thats amazing!

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Thank you so much!

Anyone got a script for like someone carrying someone over their shoulder?

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Ink or Limelight?

Do you have a car crash template? I am in desperate need of one

Hi does anyone make a bar template with bg INT. NIGHTCLUB BAR - NIGHT plz i am so exhausted by placing characters

Hey pals! does anyone know where i can find a interragation script template. Like a police interrigation.

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anyone have a school hallway template?

Hi there! There is this really good hallway template that someone made. I’ll PM you it once I find it again

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ok thanks :upside_down_face:

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