Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

Sorry! Don’t have any in ink :pensive:

anyone have a red carpet and awards show script template please?

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I believe there is one for a party, if you go to the Web Previewer under Script Templates there is a party one (just scroll down)


Wow, over 300 clicks for that link that isn’t updated! I’ll update it, probably once I get home. Bump!

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i don’t find the background and without it, i can’t use it and i really want it.:sweat:

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Make sure to give credit to the creator: @smg.episode


THANKS XXX No i hope it works

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Does anyone by a chance have a Q & A template because I am so bad long choices, I will give credit.:kissing_heart:


Thank you! I wanted to give my readers more options when choosing outfits! I’ll definitely give you a shout out! :grin:

Hey ~

I need a script template for Saigon street - night in LL style.

Who’s gonna be my hero ?


&zoom reset
&overlay TABLE PUNCH shifts to -16 -24 in zone 3
&overlay TABLE PUNCH scales to 1.000 1.000 in zone 3
&overlay TURNTABLES shifts to 0 66 in zone 1
&overlay TURNTABLES scales to 1.378 1.378 in zone 1
&overlay TURNTABLES moves to layer 6
&cut to zone 1
&HALL7 spot 0.641 119 240 AND HALL7 faces right AND HALL7 is dj_headbob_loop
&HALL4 spot 0.632 53 238 AND HALL4 faces right AND HALL4 is dance_wavehands_happy_loop
&XX spot 0.740 253 166 AND XX faces left AND XX is dance_groove_happy_loop
&YY spot 0.785 127 154 AND YY faces left AND YY is kiss_passionate_loop AND YY moves to layer 8
&ZZ spot 0.812 78 146 AND ZZ faces left AND ZZ is kiss_passionate_loop_rear AND ZZ moves to layer 9
&HALL3 spot 0.740 187 166 AND HALL3 faces right AND HALL3 is dance_shake_happy_loop AND HALL3 moves to layer 7
&HALL1 spot 0.542 180 329 in zone 2 AND HALL1 is talk_sit_anklescrossed_neutral_loop AND HALL1 faces right
&HALL8 spot 0.551 234 286 in zone 2 AND HALL8 faces left AND HALL8 is idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop
&AA spot 0.578 66 248 in zone 2 AND AA faces right AND AA is react_sit_checkphone_bored AND AA moves to layer 2
&HALL2 spot 0.740 292 161 in zone 2 AND HALL2 faces left AND HALL2 is dance_club_happy_loop
&HALL5 spot 0.740 110 174 in zone 2 AND HALL5 faces right AND HALL5 is sip_cup_neutral_loop AND HALL5 moves to layer 5
@add Cup Plastic Red to HALL5
@add Cup Plastic Red to HALL6
&HALL6 spot 1.136 102 -28 in zone 3 AND HALL6 is sip_cup_neutral_loop
&HALL9 spot 0.542 211 297 in zone 3 AND HALL9 is idle_sit_neutral_loop AND HALL9 moves to layer -2
&BB spot 1.136 246 -20 in zone 3 AND BB is think_rubchin
&CC spot 0.542 82 324 in zone 3 AND CC is talk_neutral_loop AND CC moves to layer -2
&DD spot 0.542 18 324 in zone 3 AND DD faces right AND DD is listen_nod_happy_loop AND DD moves to layer -1
@pan to zone 3 in 8


Hey, does anyone have a “High school prom” Background Template?

Like a bunch of people in the background or side talking and some people are dancing?

But anything can do really,



hey, can anyone tell me how do character changes chlothes from one scence to another. not choices ones, simply, like while going to school she changes to school uniform and the next scence she is at home so she is in casual… i dont know if i am making sense. and also how to put choices.? i am very new at this. please help me. with coding…

@character changes into (outfit name goes here)

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Okay… thank you… so I have to create that outfit name before hand right…


@Nix.episode1 this convo may help.

i need a crowded party scene and i cant find one

Try template #2


Hey does anyone have a template for a sort of high school entrance? Like where everyone is getting ready to go into their new high school?

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Does anybody have a concert template? One with like four band members on stage playing a song? Ill give full credit.