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Thank you so much! I’ll read the guide, lol :slight_smile: :smile:


Hey!! I’m looking for someone who can help me make a script template for this background (I WILL GIVE CREDIT)–>


What would you like in the background?


Characters talking and drinking coffee :slight_smile:


A really long line at a shopping center - Limelight

&cut to zone 5
&zoom reset
&LINE1 spot 0.398 188 466 AND LINE1 faces left AND LINE1 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE1 moves to layer 0
&LINE2 spot 0.398 144 447 AND LINE2 faces left AND LINE2 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE2 moves to layer 1
&LINE3 spot 0.425 190 436 AND LINE3 faces right AND LINE3 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE3 moves to layer 2
&LINE4 spot 0.506 139 404 AND LINE4 faces left AND LINE4 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE4 moves to layer 3
&LINE5 spot 0.506 205 367 AND LINE5 faces right AND LINE5 is hug_neutral_loop_rear AND LINE5 moves to layer 4
&LINE6 spot 0.659 159 316 AND LINE6 faces left AND LINE6 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE6 moves to layer 5
&LINE7 spot 0.776 99 268 AND LINE7 faces left AND LINE7 is talk_neutral_loop_rear AND LINE7 moves to layer 6
&LINE8 spot 0.947 62 163 AND LINE8 faces right AND LINE8 is talk_handsonhips_neutral_rear AND LINE8 moves to layer 7
&LINE9 spot 1.073 106 105 AND LINE9 faces left AND LINE9 is idle_loop_rear AND LINE9 moves to layer 8
&LINE10 spot 1.163 15 65 AND LINE10 faces right AND LINE10 is text_phone_sad_loop AND LINE10 moves to layer 9
&LINE11 spot 1.001 263 157 in zone 4 AND LINE11 faces right AND LINE11 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND LINE11 moves to layer 8
&LINE12 spot 0.920 185 201 in zone 4 AND LINE12 faces right AND LINE12 is think_rubchin AND LINE12 moves to layer 7
&LINE13 spot 0.974 146 133 in zone 4 AND LINE13 faces right AND LINE13 is talk_phone_angry_loop AND LINE13 moves to layer 10
&LINE14 spot 0.974 113 172 in zone 4 AND LINE14 faces left AND LINE14 is talk_neutral_loop AND LINE14 moves to layer 9
&LINE15 spot 0.983 35 177 in zone 4 AND LINE15 faces right AND LINE15 is listen_nod_happy_loop AND LINE15 moves to layer 9
&LINEKID spot 0.722 -8 191 in zone 4 AND LINEKID faces right AND LINEKID is cry_sob_sad_loop AND LINEKID moves to layer 10
&LINE16 spot 0.983 -63 177 in zone 4 AND LINE16 faces right AND LINE16 is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop AND LINE16 moves to layer 8
@transition fade in
@pan to zone 3 in 10
&remove LINE1
&remove LINE2
&remove LINE3
&remove LINE4
&remove LINE5
&remove LINE6
&remove LINE7
&remove LINE8
@FEMALEMC spot 1.001 -46 178 AND FEMALEMC moves to layer 10
@MALEMC spot 1.001 -46 178 AND MALEMC moves to layer 9
&FEMALEMC walks to spot 1.001 73 172 in 1.2
@MALEMC walks to spot 1.001 112 189 in 1.5

Small Note

This may cause some devices to crash, hence why I removed a lot of the characters are the pan was over.


Can you send me the arm overlay😩? (I’ll give credit for the template and overlay in reader message)