Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

What background do you want the template to be based. So I get the position right. It will be easier for you.

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im currently working on the background, but you can use INT. CABIN - NIGHT. The frame will be on the wall.

Okay, so it falls on the ground? or table?

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on ground.

Okay, to be sure, it’s the front wall right? or the side wall with the skeleton on it?

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According to the background there isn’t a place for frame to fall directly on ground as table is coming in between. So does it clash on table and then fall on ground?

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alright, I will start working on it. Give me till tomorrow and it will be ready. Is is fine?

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sure no rush. :wink:


Hey, could anyone please make me a script template for gym class in LL, it can be outside or inside. I will credit you in my story.Thanks in advance. x

Is there one in LL?:slight_smile:

Anyone has a campfire template for ink?

Can anyone make a template for this background with characters MALE1 -MALE15
and FEMALE1-FEMALE14 plz
Credit will be given


This is my template soon to be a very good story called Technology if you do use my template make sure to give me credit in the ReaderMessage plz and ty

@ZELTA faces right
@add Gun Pistol Black to ZELTA
@ZELTA stands screen center in zone 1
@ZELTA is idle_gun_angry_loop
@pause for 1
@pan to zone 2
@add Gun Pistol Black to DELTA
@DELTA stands screen right in zone 2 AND DELTA is idle_gun_angry_loop
@pan to zone 1 in 1
@pause for 1
ZELTA (talk_gun_angry)
Drop your gun Express!
@pan to zone 2 in 1
DELTA (talk_accuse_angry)
DELTA (talk_gun_angry)
My father is in a hospital because of you!
@pan to zone 1
ZELTA (talk_argue_defensive)
I told you it wasn’t me!
ZELTA (talk_complain_angry)
This bomb is about to go off if we don’t get out soon Express!
@pan to zone 2
DELTA (talk_argue_angry)
Good! Maybe they’ll know what it feels like to loose someone.
@pause for 1
@DELTA is tinker_kneel_neutral_loop_rear
@pause for 1
@remove Gun Pistol Black from DELTA
@add Baseball Bat Wood to DELTA
@DELTA is standup_neutral
@DELTA is idle_happy_pose
@pause for 1
&pan to zone 1 in 3
@DELTA walks to screen right in zone 1 in 3 AND DELTA does it while walk_angry_loop AND ZELTA is idle_terrified_loop
@DELTA is idle_baseballbat_angry_loop


My entire script is red, it’s still running smoothily I just wanna know why is it red! It’s kinda irritating, lol.


The only time that’s happened to me is when I forget to add the second speech marks…But I can see you have both sets for your choice

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It’s a minor error, you do one thing, remove “” this and add again on both sides. I am sure it will work. It has happened to me before.

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Here’s a CROWDED CAFETERIA TEMPLATE :slight_smile:
I made a thread about it a while ago, and I decided to share the script to all of you guys that are struggling to code and overlaying everything out there.

  1. There are a lot of overlays that are needed to be uploaded. Please name all the overlays according to their file name.
    EDIT: I found out some of the images are not clickable (for some reason, so their file names cannot be viewed and I named the ones that are not clickable their overlay names. Make sure to look carefully at the overlay names. The ones that are not written their names are the clickable images.
    0%20copy <— CHAIR 1.0
    0%20SEAT <— CHAIR 1.0 SEAT
    3%20 <— CHAIR 1.3
    0 <— CHAIR 2.0
    0%20PT2 <— CHAIR 2.0 PT2
    1 <— CHAIR 2.1
    3 <— CHAIR 2.3
    0 <— CHAIR 3.0
    0 <— CHAIR BACK 2.0
    0 <— CHAIR SEAT 2.0



    12 <— TABLE 1.12
    0 <— TABLE 2.0
    2 <— TABLE 2.2
    0 <— TABLE 3.0

Please name all of the overlays according to their FILE NAME. This is extremely important or else the template will not work.

  1. Copy this script below, and replace the character names with your character’s names. (Please note that OLIVIA and GABRIELLA are the main character and the MC’s friend respectively.)

INT. CAFETERIA - DAY with WINDOW at layer -3 in zone 3 with CHAIR 2.1 at layer 3 in zone 3 with TABLE 2.0 at layer -1 in zone 3 with TABLE 1.12 at layer 4 in zone 3 with CHAIR 1.0 at layer 6 in zone 3 with CHAIR 1.0 SEAT at layer 4 in zone 3 with CHAIR 1.1 at layer 2 in zone 3 with TABLE 3.0 at layer 1 in zone 2 with CHAIR 3.0 at layer 3 with CHAIR SEAT 2.0 at layer 5 with TABLE 2.2 at layer 5 with CHAIR BACK 2.0 at layer 7 with TABLE 1.1 at layer 10 with COUNTER at layer -2 in zone 3 with PIZZA at layer 12 in zone 2 with PLATE at layer 11 in zone 2 with PIZZA2 at layer 12 with PLATE2 at layer 11 with CHAIR 2.2 at layer 3 with CHAIR 2.3 at layer 6 with CHAIR 2.0 at layer 1 in zone 3 with CHAIR 2.0 PT2 at layer 4 with TABLE 1.2 at layer 8
&zoom reset
&overlay WINDOW shifts to 140 230 in zone 3
&overlay TABLE 2.0 shifts to 26 234 in zone 3
&overlay CHAIR 2.0 shifts to 114 206 in zone 3
&overlay CHAIR 2.1 shifts to -7 120 in zone 3
&overlay CHAIR 1.0 shifts to 81 -1 in zone 3 AND overlay CHAIR 1.0 scales to 1.648 1.648
&overlay CHAIR 1.0 SEAT shifts to 108 4 AND overlay CHAIR 1.0 SEAT scales to 1.396 1.396
&overlay CHAIR 1.1 shifts to 6 -3 in zone 3 AND overlay CHAIR 1.1 scales to 1.018 1.018
&overlay TABLE 1.12 shifts to 35 98 in zone 3
&overlay CHAIR 3.0 shifts to 191 294
&overlay CHAIR BACK 2.0 shifts to 97 72
&overlay TABLE 2.2 shifts to 153 235
&overlay TABLE 3.0 shifts to 163 297
&overlay TABLE 1.1 shifts to 212 1
&overlay PIZZA shifts to 415 125 AND overlay PIZZA scales to 0.514 0.514
&overlay PLATE shifts to 426 129 AND overlay PLATE scales to 0.298 0.298
&overlay PLATE2 shifts to 225 120 AND overlay PLATE2 scales to 0.298 0.298
&overlay PIZZA2 shifts to 212 115 AND overlay PIZZA2 scales to 0.514 0.514
&overlay CHAIR 2.2 shifts to 180 263
&overlay CHAIR 2.3 shifts to 223 209
&overlay TABLE 1.2 shifts to 181 -1
&overlay CHAIR 2.0 PT2 shifts to 185 206
&overlay COUNTER shifts to -129 234 in zone 2
&STUDENT10 spot 0.587 164 303 and STUDENT10 moves to layer 5 and STUDENT10 starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and STUDENT10 faces left
&STUDENT3 spot 0.380 193 429 and STUDENT3 moves to layer -1 and STUDENT3 starts idle_sit_leanforward_listen_impressed_loop and STUDENT3 faces right
&STUDENT2 spot 0.344 264 450 and STUDENT2 moves to layer -1 and STUDENT2 starts react_sit_checkphone_bored and STUDENT2 faces left
&BILLY BOB spot 0.524 303 350 and BILLY BOB moves to layer 4 and BILLY BOB starts laugh_sit_giggle_loop and BILLY BOB faces left
&STUDENT5 spot 0.542 226 333 and STUDENT5 starts applaud_sit_happy_loop and STUDENT5 moves to layer 4 and STUDENT5 faces right
&STUDENT9 spot 0.650 257 284 and STUDENT9 moves to layer 5 and STUDENT9 starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and STUDENT9 faces left
&OLIVIA spot 1.280 267 -48 and OLIVIA moves to layer 9 and OLIVIA starts talk_sit_crossarms_neutral and OLIVIA faces right
&GABRIELLA spot 1.280 150 0 in zone 2 and GABRIELLA starts react_sit_confused and GABRIELLA faces left and GABRIELLA moves to layer 9
&RIANA spot 0.353 85 451 in zone 2 and RIANA moves to layer -3 and RIANA starts talk_agree_happy and RIANA faces right
&VIA spot 0.335 149 461 in zone 2 and VIA moves to layer -3 and VIA starts tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear and VIA faces right
&STUDENT8 spot 0.281 210 493 in zone 2 and STUDENT8 moves to layer -3 and STUDENT8 starts idle_box_carry_neutral_loop and STUDENT8 faces right
@add Moving Box to STUDENT8
&LENA spot 0.605 187 314 in zone 3 and LENA moves to layer -2 and LENA starts read_sit_book_open_neutral_loop and LENA faces left
&CHAD spot 0.542 18 361 in zone 3 and CHAD moves to layer -2 and CHAD starts talk_sit_doubtful and CHAD faces right
&STUDENT7 spot 0.596 88 330 in zone 3 and STUDENT7 moves to layer -2 and STUDENT7 starts talk_sit_leanback_neutral_loop and STUDENT7 faces left
&STUDENT6 spot 0.713 24 263 in zone 3 and STUDENT6 moves to layer 0 and STUDENT6 starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and STUDENT6 faces left
&VENUS spot 0.686 159 283 in zone 3 and VENUS moves to layer 0 and VENUS starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear and VENUS faces right
&HECTOR spot 1.154 98 -46 in zone 3 and HECTOR moves to layer 3 and HECTOR starts talk_sit_legsup_neutral_loop and HECTOR faces right
&FRANCIS spot 1.190 339 35 in zone 3 and FRANCIS moves to layer 3 and FRANCIS starts talk_sit_deny_neutral and FRANCIS faces left
&MIA spot 1.280 180 -41 in zone 3 and MIA faces left and MIA moves to layer 5 and MIA starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear
&HARRY spot 0.587 340 307 and HARRY faces right and HARRY moves to layer 5 and HARRY starts idle_sit_neutral_loop_rear
@pause for a beat THEN pan to zone 2 in 5 THEN pause for a beat THEN pan to zone 3 in 5 THEN pause for a beat

The final cafeteria template should look something like this:

NOTE: These are just randomly generated characters, so they might look kind of strange.
If there are any problems with the script or errors, please let me know.

That’s about it! If you do use my template, I’m honoured! Credit is not needed, I don’t have an instagram or thread whatsoever, the reason why I did this is because I don’t see many people having crowded cafeterias in their stories.


This is awesome. well done :grinning: