Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

thank you!! also do you know how to put my character in a car/ driving? thanks! Ive tried but it doesnt work lols

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It depends on what background and what car tbh


its just getting the car on the road and moving, i havent done poverlays yet :confused: so im really sorry

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Ok, well this is not actually a request thread, I think some people forget that but this website might help you

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Does anyone know how to make you character walk and then fall but have a dude catch them?


Can i use your templates i give you credit in the end of my story?

Hey I am going to use this!! I will credit you!!

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I have a mirror template for this background

Change the name of your character to whatever your is

Credit my forums username if you would like




&overlay MIRROR1 shifts to 27 326 in zone 2
&overlay MIRROR1 scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay MIRROR1 to layer 2
&overlay MIRROR1 opacity .5 in 0

&overlay BATHROOMWITHOUTMIRROR shifts to -320 0 in zone 2
&overlay BATHROOMWITHOUTMIRROR scales to 1.000 1.000

@transition fade in white 2

@DUPE becomes EMILY

@EMILY changes into EMILY_towel
@DUPE changes into EMILY_towel

@EMILY moves to layer 4 and DUPE moves to layer 1 and DUPE spot 1.091 -163 8 in zone 1 and EMILY spot 1.091 -163 8 in zone 1

@EMILY walks to spot 1.091 157 108 in zone 2 in 5 and EMILY does it while walk_neutral and DUPE walks to spot 1.091 87 95 in zone 2 in 5 and DUPE does it while walk_neutral and pan to zone 2 in 5 then EMILY starts rear and EMILY faces right

@zoom on 378 471 to 143% in 4
&DUPE starts talk_sad
@speechbubble is 129 249 to 100% with tail_top_right
EMILY (idle_rear)
Why did it have to happen to me?

@overlay MIRROR1 opacity 1 in 5


Hi! It’s me again, sharing you another script template I made for my story. It’s on the cinema theater (outside, when you’re buying tickets and all of that). Again, you have to change characters for yours and I made some overlays for the ticket office. Without furder ado, here it is:

&overlay TAQUILLA create
&overlay TAQUILLA opacity 1 in 0
&overlay TAQUILLA to layer 1
&overlay TAQUILLA shifts to 117 129 in zone 2
&overlay TAQUILLA scales to 1.000 1.000
&overlay VIDRIO TAQUILLA create
&overlay VIDRIO TAQUILLA opacity 1 in 0
&overlay VIDRIO TAQUILLA to layer 1
&overlay VIDRIO TAQUILLA shifts to 123 232 in zone 2
&overlay VIDRIO TAQUILLA scales to 1.000 1.000
@add Cigarette White Tan to CHUCK
&JIMMY spot 0.479 198 296 AND JIMMY is listen_nod_happy_loop AND JIMMY faces left AND JIMMY moves to layer 2
&ANA spot 0.461 147 297 AND ANA is talk_smile_happy_loop AND ANA faces right AND ANA moves to layer 2
&TYLER spot 0.461 65 279 in zone 2 AND TYLER is idle_rear AND TYLER faces left AND TYLER moves to layer 2
&LENAY spot 0.461 112 282 in zone 2 AND LENAY is idle_rear AND LENAY faces left AND LENAY moves to layer 2
&HAROLD spot 0.461 161 327 in zone 2 AND HAROLD is talk_sit_neutral_loop AND HAROLD faces left AND HAROLD moves to layer 0
&CHUCK spot 0.470 213 251 in zone 2 AND CHUCK is talk_smile_happy_loop AND CHUCK faces right AND CHUCK moves to layer 2
&PADME spot 0.461 263 249 in zone 2 AND PADME is listen_nod_happy_loop AND PADME faces left AND PADME moves to layer 2
&CRISTOPHER spot 0.461 43 265 in zone 2 AND CRISTOPHER is idle_rear AND CRISTOPHER faces left AND CRISTOPHER moves to layer 3
&MARY spot 0.461 92 263 in zone 2 AND MARY is idle_rear AND MARY faces right AND MARY moves to layer 3
&JULIO spot 0.461 38 289 in zone 3 AND JULIO is talk_handsopen_happy_loop AND JULIO faces right AND JULIO moves to layer 2
&CANDY spot 0.461 82 285 in zone 3 AND CANDY is listen_nod_happy_loop AND CANDY faces left AND CANDY moves to layer 2
&ANTONIO spot 0.461 48 255 in zone 3 AND ANTONIO is laugh_crackup AND ANTONIO faces right AND ANTONIO moves to layer 5
&RICARDO spot 0.461 83 257 in zone 3 AND RICARDO is laugh_crackup AND RICARDO faces right AND RICARDO moves to layer 4
&AMY spot 0.461 128 258 in zone 3 AND AMY is talk_gossip AND AMY faces right AND AMY moves to layer 3
&CELESTE spot 0.452 168 255 in zone 3 AND CELESTE is laugh_crackup AND CELESTE faces left AND CELESTE moves to layer 4
&LAURA spot 0.461 205 251 in zone 3 AND LAURA is laugh_crackup AND LAURA faces left AND LAURA moves to layer 5
@zoom reset
@cut to zone 3
@pan to zone 1 in 10



This is so nice of you thanks❤

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Hi guys, can someone help me with script templates for a football game ?!


This is perfect for my story too but can you help and make it with 3 charters?
Two sit in the car and then they lose control in the car and crash another charter who is not on the car?

of corse, I give you a credit in the beginning of my story.

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anyone know how to put a bat in their hand? script

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The bat is a prop there is a baseball bat and a metal bat whichever you want to use:

@add bat to CHARACTER

And when you will want to remove it:

@remove bat from CHARACTER

ive tried but that doesnt seem to work

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Send me a screenshot of your script personally!:heart:

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Hey guys, i just wanna ask if anyone has a script template for when a boy saves a girl’s life in a dodgy alleyway in limelight, i hope it’s not to clique since i reversed assumed gender roles, in my version Girl saves boy’s life… can someone help me out

Do you have any templates of a ticking clock?