Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

Dont worry, ill just have i as so she doesnt have a bat but ty xx

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Does anyone have a script template for a beach scene in INK? If so that would help me a lot! Ty! <3

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You can request here

Does anyone have a meeting template for ink?


This is a very easy template for full CC (and I think it is easier to manage than most people do it as you can scroll past each thing and see it on)

This is you. Do you want to customize your appearance?
choice “costumize character” {

@PLAYER goes to character avatar

} “use profile avatar” {

@PLAYER becomes female profile

“I look good already!” {


@PLAYER changes into PLAYER_default

(1. Characterizes
2. Makes person use profile avatar (duh)
3. Keeps the same avatar)

I add the "changes into PLAYER_default as otherwise if choice 2 is chosen they change clothes, you could put it under the second choice though but whatever.


How do u get the arm overlay?

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I need a fight scene template for limelight. Character A & Character B are attacking Character C and then after they all throw a few punches and dodge some punches Character D comes and fights both Character A & B and then both Character A and B fall to the ground

Can anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated :cupid:

the drive doesn’t work

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Does anyone have a template for the club. I need it with color spotlight and smoke… I will credit you …

OMG I love them … Do you have a black car??? Do u also have a Instagram so I can credit you??

This is soooo good! :hearts::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

does anyone have a high school prom background template? like just background characters dancing lol


Heyy guys, so as I’ve recently just updated my story (BLUE - CRUSHING HARD <3, go check that out as well, if you want) with twins and noticed it’s something quite exhausting to code I so thought, why not share this with the Episode community? And that’s what I’m doing! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::grin:

I, from @dara.amarie.ep ‘simple’ customization templates (go check her website as well on as well) created the twins’ templates. She also has guides for everything you can imagine of.

Note that you can also use this script templates in order to create characters for flashbacks or for scenes where you want to create the reflection of your character in a mirror.

Just click on the link on my Instagram bio as @belle_0412 and then click on script templates and they’ll appear for you. Follow the instructions given if you don’t know how to use them.

Hope I could help you out guys.
Love ya,

If you want to support me, you may follow me on my Insta as @belle_0412, and read my stories:
Blue - Crushing Hard (LL)
Kneeling At His Feet (INK)


Hi do i give credit on templates?

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At the end of the customization template, I wrote a readerMessage for anyone who could forget. U don’t have to, but I’d be grateful if you did so. Just, if you have any friends who would benefit from this share it with them since that would be just great.
Thank you for asking sweatheart


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So do i credit you or @Dara.Amarie?

Both :wink:

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Okay thank you

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Does anyone have a template with club lights in it ??

who do we give credit for using these?