Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread

Does anyone have a concert/concert crowd template that I may use?

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readerMessage This script template was created by A_H in episode app*[quote=“GiGi_is_Me, post:1, topic:5592, full:true”]
I think we all love script templates, am I right? They can save us tons of time when it comes to coding, and they’re right there for you. This thread is where you can post your script templates (preferably in a google doc) and I will edit this post and put some of them here so others can see and use them. Don’t worry, I will put your name as well so credits can be given. Anyways, post away! :heavy_check_mark:::smile:

Here is a folder where I will put the script templates that are just posted directly and not in google drives.

Bed and Couches spot cheat sheet

And some instagram accounts where you can find script templates in their linktrees and drives:

@episode.uwe (also has overlays and backgrounds. If you need Ink hands, arms, or fingers, there’s some posted)
@episodeassemble (not sure if that’s their exact instagram)

This is a script template that I made for waiting halls in a concert or clubs. The main character is Beatrice and her friend is Sash. You can change the characters names by:
1)Highlight the name of the character withot the @ sign
2) Press Ctrl + F in your keyboard
3) A grey box will appear
4)Press a button that says all in that grey box
5)Type in your characters name in your screen
And that’s all*
music music_blastingbeat_nextdoor
@cut to zone 2
@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@BOY1 spot 1.133 67 94 in zone 2
@BOY1 moves to layer 0
@GIRL1 spot 0.998 130 127 in zone 2
@GIRL1 moves to layer -1
@add Bagel Cream Cheese to GIRL1
@GIRL3 spot 0.971 183 139 in zone 2
@GIRL3 moves to layer -2
@BOY4 spot 1.052 251 129 in zone 2
@BOY4 moves to layer -3
@GIRL5 spot 1.025 19 108 in zone 2
@GIRL5 moves to layer 1
@BOY1 starts talk_phone_angry_loop
@GIRL1 starts eat_food_hand_angry
@GIRL5 starts talk_confused_mindblown
@BOY4 starts talk_complain_angry
@GIRL3 starts talk_argue_angry
@pan to zone 1
@BODYGUARD spot 0.938 194 199 in zone 1 AND BODYGUARD faces right
@BODYGUARD moves to layer 2
@pan to zone 3
@BEATRICE enters from right to screen right
@SASH enters from right to screen center
@BEATRICE walks to spot 1.046 40 137 in zone 3 AND BEATRICE does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop
@pause for a beat
@SASH spot 1.073 301 122 in zone 2 AND SASH does it while walk_neutral_offset_loop
@pan to zone 2
@SASH moves to layer -4
@SASH starts idle
@pan to zone 3
@BEATRICE moves to layer -5
@SASH faces right

Please any helpers you guys check out my new post and help me please I beg with gods name

Where did you get the movie theathe backrow overlay?

Just letting you know i have a open locker overlay :slight_smile: i can give

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Is there an overlay for it?if so can you please post it pls

anyone have a script for a walking to work (coffee shop) as i need one for my story if not can anyone point me to someone who makes them