Post your script templates here! Official script template sharing thread


You’re amazing!!! Thank you


Hey @amberose I’m using this template, how should I credit you? :slight_smile:


The same way you just tagged me? :wink:
@amberose is fine :grin:


On the forums? Or on insta?


I don’t have insta, so on the forums or on the app, up to you :slightly_smiling_face:


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I already figured it but thanks a lot!:revolving_hearts:


ohh your welcomee


Heres the script-
AMAYA (primp_condescend)
(Dress to impress baby)
“YES! Have you ever seen such a goddess” {
@AMAYA changes into Comfy 1
gain Comfy 1
goto afterdg4
} “No, why do i even try” {
@AMAYA unpreviews outfit Comfy 1
goto dressinggame_3
And it keeps saying "There is a { on line 896 that does not have a matching }
This is line 896 is - “YES! Have you ever seen such a goddess” {


I think “Comfy 1” is not a valid gain. It would have to be one word only. Like “Comfy_1”. Probably.:sweat_smile:


Thank you!! x


Whats your episode @ ?


Does someone have a airport script template?

In this drive, you’ll find templates, backgrounds, and overlays


@GiGi_is_Me I clicked on the Drive, but it says there’s an error. Just wanted to let ya know.


Does anyone have a template for this background?


does anyone have a cheer template (cheerleaders)


Hi does anyone know a script where you have a clothes on a character body (basically with no details of them - Mannequin dressing game) and choose from whichever outfits to pick.


Mannequin dressing game?