Post your wishes!

This post is just a post where people can post what they wish Episode had, without actually asking for it.

This is basically a post where people can state what they want idle-ly without asking for it, Like if you desire to say, and talk about how you want something which I sometimes want to do, but you don’t want to ask for it bc you don’t want to put so much work on the episode team.

You can speak about it here! Just know that this post IS NOT a feature request, so please don’t use it as such.


A delet Button for all the stories I’ll never publish.


More food animation! Or more animations and options on the phone version.


Differents body types


Fix previewer

Faster background approvals! :joy:


I wish you could ‘build’ animations, for example, if you want someone to read their phone, it would be


and if you want them to talk while they’re doing it it could look something like this


There should be an expression catalogue so you can choose what expression your character has when he/she is performing the action.

Also, different body types.

More long hairstyles,
More ombre hair styles

More clothes!!!


More shoes for Limelight

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I would be able to change the pose of the characters like in the app Easy Poser

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Mermaid tails


THIS! I would love mermaid stuff. More ocean or underwater backgrounds.

I also would love more fantasy or historical inspired costumes and hair.

More variety of clothes. Most of the clothes look like they belong in the same closet. I would like some punk, grunge, goth, nerd, hippie, and tomboy clothes. More long skirts, more androgynous stuff, and more SANDALS AND FLAT SHOES! I’M SO SICK OF HEELS!

More uniforms, too (Maid/butler, various employee uniforms, etc)

Also it would be nice to have more animation (I want a flustered/embarrassed look!) And custom character heights, and at least a little variation in body type.

Also… children avatars, lol.


Working on it :wink:


Yes definitely! I have a mermaid story I’m working on now

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Yes children too! I’m tired of those old looking adult avatars that you have to squeeze down to look like kids


It’s so funny when I’m watching an episode and someone has a child character, and you can tell they’re struggling to disguise the child avatar by putting them in baggy clothes and always having their speech bubbles conveniently covering what would be their pretty obvious chest.

“Silent Voice” I think is a good example of this. They did a good job trying to work with what they had, and trying to disguise the avatar to look more like a child isn’t an easy task. I couldn’t help but laugh once I noticed how obvious it was the author was trying to cover the boobs, though.


Lol! That’s so true! But we got to work with what we have

How cool would it be to be able to customize pets along with characters! And horse riding animations!

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Here are my wishes.

What I Want

Different body types
A delete button for the stories I’ll never publish More food props
More book props
Weapon props (besides the handgun and baseball bats)
More clothes. Stylish, I guess
More diverse hairstyles, like ombre or kinky
Flat shoes in Limelight
More androgynous clothes
Vintage clothing and hairstyles
Some more animations
Pet overlays, or at least avatars or props
Children avatars
Androgynous hair
Fantasy themed clothing
Modest clothing
Hijab friendly outfits!
Children’s clothing!
Religious backgrounds, props, and clothing

The ability to edit AND play Limelight stories on the Episode app
An update on Amazon for Episode (that was where I first found Episode)
Being able to write on the Portal on a phone or tablet
Faster background, cover and overlay approvals
A wider variety of animations and better directing on Episode Mobile

Button to delete all my until stories

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nicer outfits like for all of them