Post your wishes!

-Different body types
-More hairstyles for both men and women
-More mature face features for making elderly people
-Overlays that come with built-in animations, like doors that open or objects falling, so we don’t have to write a code to animate them
-Freckles, beards/facial hair in Limelight
-More hats
-Animations for when people are sick, like headaches or colds
-More variety in clothes

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More maternity clothing

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Dog, cat lmaoooo, rat tooo
I can make a series about a girl raise a hotel full with dog and fallen in love with someone

I have a few:

  • Flannels! For both males and females
  • Skateboarding animations, wouldn’t that be cool?
  • More guy hairs. We really need more guy hairs.
  • More body types, of course
  • Delete button for stories. I have some drafts/accidental stories I’d like to delete.
  • More happy animations for Limelight. I mean, why aren’t there many?
  • 50’s clothes
  • More modest clothing too
  • More flat shoes
  • Facial hair, freckles and adjustable makeup
  • Animals!
  • More uniforms and profession outfits
  • More animations in general
  • A hairbrush prop for Limelight

These are only a few I can think of