(posting again) Story B is showing in the "My Stories" section but story A isn't

Hi guys, I got two stories both (WIP) and one (A, the older one)
*isn’t * showing but the other (B, the newer one) is. I tried searching for it but it says “No stories match” how do I fix?

Now story B is showing in the “my stories” sections in the mobile app but story A isn’t how do I fix plz help

Was story A a older story that u hide ?

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If you didn’t hide or archive your story, then did you file a ticket to Epi Support? I’d suggest doing so because it can be a technical issue, so describe your problem and add screenshots.

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Nope, both stories haven’t been hidden

ty! I’ll do it! :smiling_face:

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Hey, do you have the new profile update?! If so… sometimes they get hidden, unless you check all of the “genre boxes”. I’ll show what I mean, because there is a way to unhide them. :blush:

I’ve hidden mine, just to show you how to make them appear.
Click the little filter logo under the word “edit”.

It will then bring up this list:

Highlight all of the filter tags, as shown below. And do as instructed on the image:

Then both of your stories should suddenly re-appear.

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Hey there! What’s the new profile update? And are you on mobile or mac? And both my stories are under the same category so they should both appear. But maybe this as a user error on my end :upside_down_face:

Hello , the new profile update look similar to this


She is showing it on mobile. A friend of mine I believe had the same error as u where her published story wouldn’t show . It’s best to send episode a support ticket for this . Also I know there was a recent update that you might want to check to see if you need to update your app .

Hope this helps :two_hearts:

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@Catniss has just uploaded a screenshot of the new profile… so do you have that type of profile on the app?! Or does it look different?! [If it looks different, that means you still have the old version.]

If you have the new version… then following the steps that I gave you, will sort things out.

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my profile still looks like this

Wait a minute… have you published your stories yet?! :thinking:

If not… they won’t show.
What you need to do instead is: [on the home page] hit the icon image of your character. Then look underneath the word “profile”, and you’ll see that it says: “create”… tap on that and all of your stories [that are in progress] will appear there.

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Oh yeah ik know they’re not released yet :slight_smile: what I mean is on Macbook in the “My stories” section story B is showing and searchable but A isn’t as shown below

Okay, have you tried going here: :point_down:t3: [Click account settings]

Then click: “Story Settings”. And you should see all of your “non archived” stories, listed:

But when you scroll lower… you’ll see a list of any stories that you have [even perhaps by accident] archived.

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It worked! Thank you so much omg! :sob::pray::sparkles:

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Aww, you’re welcome. :blush: We got there in the end, haha!

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