Posts and shit about body shamin characters

Oh hey!

Guys, why are there posts about body-shaming characters? I understand that it’s an important topic but are seriously you guys body-shaming characters, sounds weird (they’re fictive) and you are making the body-shaming when posting that shit!

If an author wants their character to look basic then so be it! If the authors wanna make them look “weird” or whatever… let them!

No hate on this platform, we’re friends!

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I guess you didn’t read anything in those threads, did you? It’s quite enlightening…


Well I’m glad that we try to reduce body shaming but I believe those post make the opposite!

Not exactly… It’s not about body shaming, because no physical body is being shamed. Just the acknowledgment of features that are more common and typical of one race being used frequently on a race that doesn’t typically have those features. Instead of using basic, I just say it’s like a default face, or standard face if you will…


I will say some were rougher with their comments than others, but there was no body shaming.