Potato's Art Request Center!

Hi everyone! This thread is for anyone who needs art for their story! Covers, back rounds, and overlays!! I’ll try my best to provide for your episode art needs! Keep in mind this is my first time doing something like this so I’m sorry for any slip ups! Thank you! Credit to Rainbow Potato!!!

Do you have examples?

No not yet I’m working on some though sorry! If you want I could message you when it’s completed!

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I have a question, if you do a background, can it look like this.

I could try! What do you want your backround to be?

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Can I have a dorm room can the walls be pink or purple or grey. I would like posters. Here is the bed I want you to use, you can recolor it if wanted.

Thank you and I’ll try my absolute best! Just a quick question do you want the room to be shared and and specific posters?

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Yes shared. Go crazy with posters

Ok! Thank you!!!

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You’re welcome

How’s this?

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LOVE It :kissing_heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: How do I credit

Tip ~ Put the beds near the back so you can get more decor

Can I request 3 overlays?

Just give credit to RainbowPotato and TYSM for the tip!!!

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Sure!! What of?

I will


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i need a knife wound and 2 bullet wound overlays plz

Ok I’ll try!

Uploading: image (1).png…

Alright here’s what I got, any suggestions?