Potential Story starters?

I’m writing a story and the start is when a girl runs home from a party only to find an ambulance and two police officers who tell her her parents are dead. But it’s a flashback. Is this a good story starter? If not could I have some examples please? Thanks :blush:


I think it’s a pretty good story starter that will get readers to be more engaged. I would read it :wink:

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Super good!

if it’s at the start of the story it’s not a flashback but a prologue.

prologue is an opening to a story that establishes the context and gives background details, often some earlier story that ties into the main one, and other miscellaneous information

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Ok thanks!


I was just worried that it was too short for a prologue

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It honestly depends on how many scenes you add into it and how long the actual episode is. For instance, If the playtime for the episode if 10 minutes and the prologue is only 1 minute then it’s too short.

Yeah thanks :blush:

I like to add another note why I dont like to start the story with a bad occurrence,

its overused, almost every story start with the death of parents, its a cliche at this point, also most readers dont really care, because they dont know the characters, they dont feel for MC, because at that point we dont know her.

imagine it like, you just meet a new person and the first thing they tell you is my parents is dead, at that point you cant do anything with that information, but what if you talked to that person for a few hours and they tell you that there parents are dead less awkward,

then there is the fact, usually dead parents is used for pity points to the MC, which honestly dont work for people who read a lot, because we see it too often, and at this point, we dont care about the MC.

personally I find it better to sew in the backstory of dead parents, either in between lines of the story, or tell the whole story later. with a few hints beforehand. it makes the reader want to know what happened and it doset playoff as a want for pity points,

and example of a way there plant questions Harry Potter, we from the start hearing that Harry’s parents are dead but not how, that sets questions for the reader how and why.

you know your story best, so if you think the scene is needed add it,

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Do you think I could maybe have her thinking about her parents and she explains to the readers how she is alone but she doesn’t flat out say she has no parents?

depends on how it’s done, it’s very weird if she directly speaks to the reader, like making a fourth wall break,

with writhing. its always important to show dont tell, focus on small details not big, dont explain the horror of a war how millions are dying, talk about the one soldier there was shot, you dont say, my parents died, you buy flowers and go to the graveyard,

act dont talk.show dont tell. small details are important,

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Ohhh ok :+1:t5:

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Thanks so much!!

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