Power field High ❇ A place for all Olympians - RP Starts 12/22/18


When does the offical start


Pegs says it starts when everyone gives in their sign ups


I will make mine tonight


Sign up form
Username: lillyevens
Name: Rowan
Age: 15
Gender: male
Siblings: Andreas
Mother or Father:


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What do they wear regularly: jeans and a tshirt with a pair of sneakers

What are there powers (tell me why if any of the family members don’t.):
What are there best at?:
I will finish this tomorrow im just exhausted and cant functions


Everyone please sen in your sign ups so we can start

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Sorry, I’m going to have to drop out. :cry:


Username: @16AngelCat
Name: Sapphire
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Bio/Backstory: Sapphire has always followed the rules and accepts her postition in society as Neptune and Venilia’s daughter. She has gotten used to the spotlight because her dad is one of the Dii Consentes. Her father hardly there for her and Sapphire misses his company everyday. Sapphire admirers and looks up to her father; she wishes that he spent more time with her. Her mother, however, spends a lot of time with Sapphire and is always reliable.
Personality: Sapphire is very privileged and takes what she has for granted. She is ignorant of people suffering because she doesn’t want to acknowledge that the Gods can do wrong. Sapphire looks up to her dad and believes that he can do no wrong, but her dad is hardly there for her. Sapphire is elegant and feminine. She is a good girl that follows the rules. She is reliable and well organised. She is a perfectionist. Sapphire can come across as snobby and posh. Sapphire enjoys swimming and finds peace when she is in water. She also enjoys horse riding and is very competitive when it comes to horse races.
Siblings: Nyo (half sibling)(@dramaqueen.episode)
Mother or Father: Venilia and Neptune

What do they wear regularly: Sapphire is very girly but elegant. She wears a lot of long, flowing, blue dresses. She wears expensive accessories. Sapphire can also be found in her riding clothes.
What are there powers (tell me why if any of the family members don’t.): Sapphire can control and manipulate water. She can also breathe under water. Sapphire can speak to horses as well.
What are there best at?: Sapphire is a very good swimmer and horse rider.

@PegasusForever done Sapphire. I will do Noah in a minute


I will as soon as I can TODAY!!


Theres a high chance I’ll be dropping out but if I can I’ll get sign ups in


I’ve sent in all my characters


I never signed up…I was only tagged


I’m a little confused. So if we choose a certain God/Goddess (i.e Pluto) is that our character? Or our character’s parent?


Parent @Caticorn and I have one that is the child of Pluto as well if you want to do some quick planning


Of course!


Ok just pm me


Username: @16AngelCat
Name: Noah
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Bio/Backstory: Noah doesn’t know who his father is but he doesn’t mind because he loves his mother with all of his heart and he doesn’t need another parent. As Noah’s mother isn’t a very important Goddess, he doesn’t have many expectations of him. He enjoys being free of expectations and conformities.
Personality: Noah is a mummy’s boy. He is honest and truthful. He treats everyone well and sees the best in people. Noah believed that everyone has good in them. He is very intelligent and enjoys reading. Noah has a heart of gold and would never do anything to hurt anyone. He is naive and easily tricked. Noah can become friends with anyone. Noah is loyal and is a person that other people find easy to confide in. He is trustworthy. Noah is an optimist and a hopeless romantic. He wishes that he will have a long and happy relationship with someone that he loves and that loves him. Noah cannot deal with disappointment or hurt well. Noah has always enjoyed exploring Olympus. He loves that no matter how many times he goes exploring there is always something that he hasn’t ever seem before.
Mother or Father: Veritas

What do they wear regularly: Noah mainly wears t-shirts, jackets and jeans. He likes to feel comfortable in what he wears.
What are there powers (tell me why if any of the family members don’t.): Noah can make people tell the truth.
What are there best at?: Reading, Making New Friends, Exploring.

@PegasusForever done Noah as well


Sapphire and Nyo are half siblings. I technically didn’t reserve Neptune but Venilia is the wife of either Neptune or Faunus so I chose Neptune.


Maybe Noah could be half siblings with some people but not know it because he doesn’t know who his dad is…


I don’t really get your point here. I kinda understand what you mean. I changed Nyo’s sibling status,I added Sapphire. Besided that everything is fine, right?

Don’t mean to sound rude tho.


You didn’t sound rude at all!

I was just saying that Sapphire and Nyo were siblings but in a really complicated way.