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For hundreds of years, humans told stories about werewolves, vampires, fairies, and many other magical creatures. But they were simply stories. That’s all they were — they were never real.

Sometime during 2050, the first “magical creature” was born. The humans thought that it was an alien. No one knew how it was born or when it was born. But it had the power to teleport and communicate to people using its mind. Which seemed great, but it also had the power to kill any living thing in an instant - no weapon required. Just a flick of its finger, and it could kill thousands in an instant.

Soon, other magical creatures, such as vampires and werewolves, started emerging out of nowhere. The stories that humans once told long ago were becoming real. Humans became fearful. They were scared that these new magical creatures were going to destroy all of humanity. Because of this, chaos started to erupt.

A decade or so later, Alexander Greene became president of the United States. By that time, the humans were still constantly living in fear, never leaving their houses because of the magic creatures. The magic creatures had only harmed humans a few times, and most of them would never harm a soul. But the humans were too stubborn to listen to them, including Alexander Greene.

Alexander Greene invented what he called the “Greene System” — a system which takes magic creatures and puts them in a facility (kind of like a prison) where they can be experimented on. So the humans started to kidnap the creatures just like that - they didn’t care about their life or their family. They just wanted to keep innocent human civilians safe.

Once a creature reached the facility, they would be kept there and experimented on for the rest of their life. If Alexander Greene didn’t find the creature useful, he killed them. This went on for the next twenty years. When the creatures realized what was happening, they went into hiding, never revealing who they were or what their powers were. But the Greene System still managed to get thousands of these creatures every week.

You are one of these magical creatures in hiding who attend Rosewood High School in California, USA. Will you be able to survive or get taken by the Greene System? You decide…

Welcome to Powerful!

In this RP, you will make a Magic Creature and a human. The types of magic creatures and their powers are listed below. Please note that you must make a human! Also, please try to keep gender ratio even!

Thank you to @Ella for helping me with the creatures!

{TAKEN BY @Forever1201} Mermaid - Hydrokinesis, underwater breathing

{TAKEN BY @PurpleRose} Fairy - Flight, healing

{TAKEN BY @Surface_Hyena57} Werewolf - Empathy, superhuman speed

{TAKEN BY @RavenDawson} Siren - Siren song, supernatural knowledge

{TAKEN BY @AnimeOtome} Pixie - Invisibility, shape-shifting

{TAKEN BY @HermanEpisode} Alien - Pyrokinesis, telepathy

{TAKEN BY @Ella} Witch - Telekinesis, elemental control

{OPEN} Angel - Weather manipulation, teleportation

{TAKEN BY @Kale} Vampire - Superhuman senses, scaling walls

{TAKEN BY @AS007} Sorcerer - Transform things, plasma bolts

{OPEN} Leprechaun - Superhuman strength, superhuman speed

{TAKEN BY @brinn} Phoenix - Immortality, spontaneous combustion




Character’s First Name:
Character’s Last Name:
Character Type:
Age {must be 14-19}:
Other Info:


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Reserve for the siren, the pixie and a human


Can I reserve for a Vampire please?




And one more thing… What exacly do you mean by scaling walls?


I’m gonna edit this a few times while making characters.

Username: @Kale
Character’s First Name: Karleen
Character’s Last Name: Paine
Character Type: Vampire
Personality: Kareleen is a calm person. She doesn’t get angry. She doesn’t trust people easily and doesn’t really want friends. The more people you trust, the more can betray you.
Biography: Kareleen was afraid for supernatural powers. When she found out she was a Vampire, she wanted to kill herself. But she realized what that would mean - giving up. So she got up, and lived her life. When her parents realized she was a Vampire, they took it as betrayal and leaved her. When she found out about the system, she hid herself even more than before.
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Sexuality: Demi-Heterosexual
Faceclaim: https://pin.it/5l4ksa4bilp7bt
Other Info:

Username: @Kale
Character’s First Name: Chester
Character’s Last Name: Stronghold
Character Type: Human
Personality: Chester is though and fierce person. He has a lot of prejudice on people. He will fight for his and others’ rights, without doubt in his mind. He t th inks the Greene system is stupid and would love to have abilities. He is not afraid to speak about his thoughts.
Biography: Chester moved from home when he reached his eighteens. He was always a responsible person, but he never had a lot of friends. Because of his aggressiveness and mysteriousness, a lot of people avoided him. He never really worked with people, he always took care of himself. He was always not rich nor poor, and nothing made him stand out from the rest.
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Sexuality: Demi-Heterosexual
Faceclaim: https://pin.it/v3n6ewkgau45wk
Other Info:


Climbing walls :3


Oh 🤦

 Alessandra DeMartino

|| Witch ||
|| Female ||
|| 16 Years Old ||
|| Bisexual ||
|| Alessandra is not a stereotypical ‘witch’. She’s not evil, she doesn’t carry a broom or own a black cat. Alessandra is down-to-earth and is a normal girl with a normal life. She has a good sense of humor and 90% of her speech is sarcastic. She is determined, and will never give up on something if she believes something is right - which could sometimes be annoying if she is believing something that is completely wrong, because she’s not very intelligent. She is very stubborn and strong-willed. Alessandra can be demanding and strong, and in situations she will never go down without a fight. She is bold and outspoken, but sometimes she can get herself into trouble from what she says. ||
|| Alessandra was raised by her two lawyer moms, and they are as strong-willed and outspoken as her. Her parents (verbally) fight for a living and Alessandra has watched how they win every case by not giving up and staying determined. She learnt from her parents to always stand up for what she believes in and never back down or show weakness. Alessandra has sometimes gotten bullied from a young age because she had two moms and not a father. She has learned to not take hate from anyone and she doesn’t care what anyone thinks of her. ||
|| Faceclaim ||


Could I reserve the angel?


Yep! :3


Can I reserve for he Phoenix?




Can I reserve for alien?


Of course : )


May I ask what the purpose of the humans are?


**Username: @Forever1201
**Character’s First Name: Christa
**Character’s Last Name: vein
**Character Type Mermaid
**Personality: Loyal nice and friendly
**Biography: Had a rough past and 16 years old
**Gender: Female
**Age {must be 14-19}: 16
**Sexuality: Straight

**Other Info: My fin will be purple


The humans were already on Earth by the time the magic creatures evolved. When the Greene System was formed, the magic creatures went into hiding and they never revealed their identity or their powers (otherwise they would get caught). So they go to schools with other humans

Does that make sense? I’m terrible at explaining things lmao


It makes sense


Here are my characters:


Username: HermanEpisode
Character’s First Name: Damian
Character’s Last Name: Williams
Character Type: Alien
Personality: Damian is a pretty chill guy. He doesn’t mind just hanging out sometimes. He loves the outdoors and enjoys exploring new areas in nature.
Biography: Damian moved to earth somewhat early in his life with his mother. There he gained a human name and used it instead of his alien one, except for when his mother was angry at him. He lived in an area by the water with her and made a friend. He played with this friend and almost never left his side if he didn’t have to. He both did and didn’t want to tell his friend what he was. He trusted him enough to keep it a secret, but he also
Gender: Male
Age {must be 14-19}: 15
Sexuality: Unknown
Faceclaim: In link form

Other Info: His canines are noticeably sharp.


Username: HermanEpisode
Character’s First Name: Jake
Character’s Last Name: Hill
Character Type: Human
Personality: Jake can sometimes be a shy and reserved person. He enjoys hanging out with his best friend Damian, and he enjoys exploring outside with him.
Biography: Jake grew up by the water with his mother, a nurse, and his father, a surgeon. He often spent time with his friend Damian, exploring outside and almost everything with him. He once broke his arm falling out of a tree which he knew he should not have climbed. He loves watching crime shows like Forensic Files, even if they kinda scare him.
Gender: Male
Age {must be 14-19}: 15
Sexuality: Unknown
Faceclaim: In link form
Other Info: He has a scar on his left forearm from breaking it.