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Hello! Can I reserve for a sorcerer please?




Thank you @Manik @Forever1201 @HermanEpisode

Reminder that @16AngelCat @Kittenlove @Kale @brinn need to submit characters (no rush tho lol)

Werewolf and Leprechaun are still open!


I will do it as soon as I can. I have a list of RPs that I need to sign up for. I am aiming to sign up of them all within the next two days


Username || idk

Name || TBD

Character Type || Angel

Personality || TBD

Biography || TBD

Gender || Female

Age || 15

Sexuality || Heterosexual


Other Info || TBD


Name || Charles “Charlie” Lanner

Character Type || Human

Personality || TBD

Biography || TBD

Gender || Male

Age || 19

Sexuality || Heterosexual


Other Info || TBD


I can post mine later today!


Can I reserve for Werewolf?


sure! @PurpleRose will put it as reserved when she comes back on


Bump :3


Username: brinn
Character’s First Name: Calista “Cal”
Character’s Last Name: Santos
Character Type: Phoenix
Personality: Because of her immortality, Cal is far more likely to take risks. Despite her low social standing, she loves going to parties just to spite people. She barely cares for her health and you will often find her sleep (or food) deprived. Cal has a cruel sense of humor but is very friendly, and always upfront with what she thinks. Cal believes that though she has plenty of time to waste lying or making small talk, little things like that are just not worth making an effort to do. She has trouble trusting people, but makes friends easily when she wants to, though she doesn’t find them necessary. Although Cal loathes fighting, she can be hotheaded and very stubborn. Along with her blunt and loud attitude, Cal swears frequently, which can make others uncomfortable.
Biography: Cal had a pretty normal childhood: she lived in a suburban area as the only child (adopted) with both her fathers. However, they have become more and more detached from Cal, and at this point, they could not care less about the whereabouts and safety of Cal. Recently, Cal has been spending less time at home and more time spontaneously traveling to random places. She doesn’t care much for tending to healthy relationships, so Cal has been finding herself avoiding family or friends.
Gender: Demigirl (she/they)
Age {must be 14-19}: 16
Sexuality: Pansexual
Faceclaim: Click.
Other Info: Even though it drains a lot of energy, sometimes Cal will spontaneously combust just for the heck of it, without any reason.


Username: brinn
Character’s First Name: Jaime
Character’s Last Name: Reed
Character Type: Human
Personality: Jaime is awkward, and kind of shy - in a likable way - though sometimes his anxiety does get the better of him. He loves music (specifically rock music), and has for the entirety of his life. He tries his best to stay educated, although he can be naive at some times, so finding out about the Greene System made him wary of the creatures that could possibly be living among him. Although he attempts to hide it, due to the government’s anti-magical creature propaganda, Jaime is very frightened of magical creatures, thinking of them as bloodthirsty monsters. However, Jaime always wants to be kind to everyone, as long as that ‘everyone’ is completely human.
Biography: Jaime grew up with a normal childhood, except for his dad leaving at a young age, but besides that, his mom raised him to be empathetic and caring. While he was forced to play baseball and soccer, Jaime loved being creative, which lead him to explore music. As a young boy, he loved trying out different instruments, and today, he still does, but one instrument has stood out to him throughout all these years: the guitar. He is very skilled at playing the guitar, and it has become his one passion. He grew up with few friends because of his lack of interest in sports and traditionally ‘masculine’ hobbies so he always tries to make new friends, if he can ignore most of his doubts.
Gender: Male (he/him)
Age {must be 14-19}: 17
Sexuality: homosexual
Faceclaim: Click.


Just to let you know I am that new random forumer taking over @Manik’s RPing (^_^)

My Dear Lords And Ladies, I present to you (the two characters) –

Character: Sorcerer

Username: @AS007
Character’s First Name: Philip
Character’s Last Name: Vader
Character Type: Sorcerer
Serious, rational and has a fetish for perfection. Prefers his own company. Very secretive and is sort of a workaholic. He is very scholarly and knowledgeable. When it comes to others’ welfare, he is always ready to provide help in some or the other way, take the responsibility, or even sacrifice himself for them. He is spiritual and sometimes gets so lost in sorcery that even the human world perplexes him.
Philip Vader used to travel with his father, The Master Sorcerer, across various dimensions and worlds, exploring various kinds of creatures, fighting the problematic evils and protecting the universe. When Philip came of age and was trained enough in the art of sorcery, his father decided that he should be sent to the human world for his last level of training so that he could be the next Master Sorcerer.
Gender: Male
Age {must be 14-19}: 17
Sexuality: (To Be Added)
Faceclaim: HERE
Other Info: He uses certain spells to harness certain type of magical powers in the given situation.

Character: Human

Username: @AS007
Character’s First Name: Max
Character’s Last Name: Kane
Character Type: Human
Sarcastic, outgoing and creative, he hates being alone and loves sports. Unlike his best friend Philip, he doesn’t like to keep secrets and prefers being transparent to everyone. But he can be too much honest sometimes and get into trouble. He is loud, periodically obnoxious and thinks spirituality is a paradox, but still respects his best friend’s beliefs. He is an optimistic person who likes to be a buddy to everyone. His only pet peeves are studying and suffering the coldness of silence.
Max had a fairly happy life, except the time when his parents used to fight and eventually got a divorce when he was very young. His whole life, he had been shipped between his father’s and mother’s house, treated like an object. After a lot of suffering, he decided to live with his lovely grandmother, where he met his current best friend Philip. Since then, he has been happy and puts on a positive front to not let anyone see his inner turmoil about the past and has a life-goal of pulling everyone from their ‘downer-time’.
Gender: Male
Age {must be 14-19}: 16
Sexuality: Straight
Faceclaim: HERE
Other Info: Suffers from hypertension and palpitations when stressed or too excited.


Reminder for @Surface_Hyena57 @KittenLove @16AngelCat @Kale


When do we need to get this done by?


I think it would be up to @PurpleRose to create an official due date - but i know as soon as you make them we can start!


Does anyone keep track of how many humans are there? I’ve read some of the replies but I think I read wrong because they’re not enough (the same amount as supernatural creatures)


@Kittenlove @Surface_Hyena57 @16AngelCat can you please submit your characters soon?


The deadline for signups is Friday, October 12!

Below is the list who still has to signup (or finish their signup), and for which character.

If you need an extension, please let me know before the due date! :smiley:

@Forever1201 - Human

@16AngelCat - Human, Pixie, Siren

@Kittenlove - Human, Angel

@brinn - Human

@Surface_Hyena57 - Werewolf, Human

And if anyone else wants to signup, Leprechaun is still open. :slight_smile:


I promise that I will do it ASAP. I have been getting masses of homework recently


I already finished the sign up form completely